What to Consider When Choosing Popular Acai Berry Supplement

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Unless you do not read a lot about health and nutrition, by now you know how popular the acai berry has become in the world of supplements. There are many reasons, as discussed below, as to why the acai berry is so wonderful for our bodies, and why daily intake is recommended.
The acai berry, in actuality, is not a “berry” at all. It is a fruit, similar in size and appearance to the grape, and it comes from a type of palm tree that grows in Central and South America. While the soft, inner part of the palm, called heart of palm, is often eaten in salads, the fruit portion of the plant is now very popular as a nutritional supplement. It is sold for a multitude of uses, most commonly as a weight loss supplement.

The makeup of the acai berry itself is pretty potent. It is comprised of essential fatty acids, potassium, iron, amino acids and a bit of fiber. These ingredients mean that you are able to ingest a multitude of nutritional powerhouses in one little berry supplement. The healing benefits of essential fatty acids cannot be overstated; from fat (obesity) to depression to heart and lung health, essential fatty acids are one of the most important additions to your diet to be made. Potassium and iron are two very critical minerals that the body does not necessarily get enough of without dietary additions. Potassium is important for maintaining blood pressure and other functions of the body and can easily be lost through sweat and urine, while iron plays a critical role in keeping anemia in check.
You can use the acai berry in tablet, powder, or juice forms. No matter what the form, though, it is important for you to understand what its properties are and to know why you should or should not take this supplement. If you are using it to lose weight, which is the main reason this is such a popular supplement, you should consider whether you are taking the best steps you can to modify your diet in a healthful manner while exercising appropriately as well. While there is some indication that the acai berry does aid in weight loss efforts, you will benefit from this supplement most if you also eat healthy meals and eliminate junk food, as well as increase your activity.
The acai berry has recently been touted as a great antioxidant, also. Certainly, it can be beneficial to add to your supplement regimen for this reason alone. This is a relative newcomer in the world of antioxidants, as previously the most popular antioxidants were the “greens”. Red and purple antioxidants are coming into their own and being recognized as very beneficial as well. You have probably always heard that it is a good idea to eat as many natural green, red and yellow vegetables and fruits as possible. The same holds true for supplements. Although the supplement itself may not be colored like the fruit or vegetable, incorporating the supplement from these multi-colored sources will ensure that you reap the maximum antioxidant benefits in your diet.
Along with its antioxidant properties comes the anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. While these go hand-in-hand with the fact that the acai berry is an antioxidant, it is something of great interest to many people who are looking for skin health as well as internal health when they supplement their diet.
Some health professionals have extraordinary claims for the acai berry; they say that it promotes sexual well-being, maintains low cholesterol, helps you lose weight, and can give you the antioxidant protection already mentioned. Because of the antioxidant properties, there have even been claims made that the acai berry can help to prevent cancer and certain heart diseases or heart-related health issues. While there is a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting these claims, it is always best to check with your physician or health care practitioner before relying on this supplement to treat or prevent these illnesses.
The acai berry may seem too good to be true, but it really is a remarkably efficient and effective supplement for the body. You can find reasonably priced formulas and add longevity and stamina to your life by supplementing with the acai berry. Whether your goals are better heart health, better mental health, healthier looks, or better digestion and internal health, you can help meet them with this supplement.

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