What the Ayurvedician is All About?

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Are you fed up with intestinal or digestive disorder? Does rising medical expenses putting extra burden on your pocket? Is the fear of side effects of medicine haunting you? If “Yes” then we will suggest you to get treatment by an Ayurvedician-a new term coined for ayurveda doctor, ayurvedic doctor, ayurveda physician, ayurveda consultants.

Ayurveda, a Upaveda is associated with Rig-Veda one of the oldest text of ancient India and world is an aged old traditional medical treatment. An ancient healing science rooting in India dates back to 5000 years. This ancient science uses lots of herbs, minerals, therapies, fruits and vegetables to cure various health ailments. Ayurveda stresses on three elemental energies of life- vata (air-space), pitta (fire) and kapha (water). According to ayurveda medical theory, these three dosas are very important in life. The body is maintained in healthy equations when these dosas are balanced. But when the dosas are not present in equal amounts the body becomes unhealthy. The vital goal of ayurveda medicine is to ensure proper functioning of channels (srotas). Various medical problems arise when this channels or srotas are not working properly. The practioners uses various steam based treatment to dilute the dosas that causes the channels to get blocked leading to various health problems like rheumatism, epilepsy, autism, paralysis, convulsions, and insanity.

Ayurveda literature is all about treating one self and other by adopting healthy life style and herbal treatment. It deals elaborately on healthy measures to be followed when caught in the grip of diseases and infections.

A typical ayurvedician is capable of checking the pulse (naadi-in ayurveda) and is able to evaluate the doshas involved in disease. Once the root cause is detected, an Ayurvedician treats the patient by pacifying the disease (doshas) without causing any harm to other bodily systems. Thus leaving no room for any side effects. The use of herbs, therapies and different components in Ayurveda is very significant as it is based on the condition and degree of disease and diseased.

Unlike modern medicinal treatments, Ayurveda does not provide for common treatment for the same disease occurred in two different individuals. Ayurvedician should be able to distinguish different signs and symptoms and must think about patient's prakriti (natural characteristics) depending upon which, the treatment, diet and other regimen can be decided.

The main emphasis on ayurveda is to promote health rather than to treat diseases. It is one of the few systems where mental, emotional and spiritual well being is taken into account. All the prescriptions and suggestions are given in conjunction with nature.

Delhi, the capital of India counts among many great choices for the Ayurvedic treatments and lovers. Ayurvedians in Delhi are doing great job by providing healthy solution to various vikaras and dosas. Dwarka, Saket and Rohini have emerged as hub of ayurvedic treatment .They count among few places which provide Ayurvedic treatments based on the essential bio-energies of the body. These remedial treatments include Yoga, Panchakarma, naturopathy and natural herbal massages and treatments.

Ayurvedicians in Dwarka cure different types of diseases and other metabolic disorders. An important and best part of ayurvedic treatment is that these natural health treatments and therapies have no side effects. You can enroll for different Ayurvedic treatments to refreshen your soul. Similarly Ayurvedicians in Saket offers the several natural remedies available for skin care, hair care and beauty enhancement to serious illness such as paralysis and diabetes. Treatment or the overall treatment is beneficial to cure mental and physical diseases in a pleasant way. Ayurvedic treatment offered by health spas can be a lifelong experience and benefit a lot. The growing popularity of Ayurvedicians in Rohini with their holistic ayurvedic treatment has contributed to the rise of career opportunities for properly trained Ayurveda and massage therapists.

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