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In addition to skilled tasting wine skill, we also have to master the basics of wine. Master five basic characteristics of wines, namely sweet, sour, tannin, fruity and body, which are important to wine tasting. Mastered these five basic characteristics not only help to cultivate wine tasting ability and improving sentiment, but also find your taste preferences, thus find the kind of their favorite wine.
In modern times, although people are growing concerned about wine tasting and assessment grading, unfortunately, massive wine rating system as a child's play-like, most are irregularities. Therefore, the best way to explore your taste is to classify all kinds of wine classification in accordance with the basic characteristics, and then pick one kind you are favorite.
The following is according to these five aspects
First, sweet
Part of human perception sweetness is located at the tip of tongue. Once wine into mouth, sweet or not sweet you will know soon. Therefore, to taste the sweetness of the wine, you have to concentrate on the taste buds on the tongue. Does taste buds feel numb yet? Actually, this is sweet to your feelings. Much dry wine is in order to achieve the effect of giving a thick, often with a small amount of residual sugar, which is the source of sweet wine.
Sweetness forms:
1, tongue numb feeling;
2, greasiness wandering in the middle of the tongue trace;
3, high viscosity, hanging cup for a long time (high alcohol content);
4, dry wines, such as the residual sugar of Cabernet Sauvignon often will reach 0.9g / liter (cheap wine versa);
5, very dry wines are often high tannin content.
Second, sour
Sour in food and beverages is both fresh and active. Sour wine tends to give a high alcohol illusion. Because drink the high acidity of the wine make people feel wine light, like sparkling wine, jumping on the tongue tip, but with a spicy taste, this feeling is just similar with that high alcohol brings. In general, in cool climate wines of acidity is relatively high. If you prefer some of the full-bodied fruity wine, high-acid wines may not meet your taste.
Acidity forms:
1, the front and sides of the tongue has kind of numb feeling;
2, if tongue rubbing palate, will produce a sense of gravel;
3, mouth fluid, just like biting a sour apple.
Third, tannin
Astringent and sense of thirst tannins bring is often mistakenly thought to be caused by the wine of the residual sugar. In fact, tannin in wine is a phenolic compound, mainly from grape skin and grape seed, or obtained through the oak barrels, the wine is often manifested in bitterness. This bitter is like black tea, though full of herbs and pleasant aroma, but bitter. Although tannic taste is not very good, only its existing gives wine good balance, complexity and hierarchy, also prolongs the life of the wine.
High tannin taste:
1, the bitterness on both sides of the front of the tongue;
2, the convergence of the tongue feeling and thirst;
3, the aftertaste of bitter and thirst;
4, tannin is often associated with "dry", because it makes people have a thirst feeling.
Fourth, fruity
Wine will emit bursts of fruit. Fruity wine can help you better determine their own preferences, and even distinguish the different grape varieties, countries of origin and brewing wines. For example, strawberry and blackberry flavored wine is not the same kind of wine grape varieties. Fruity degree of wine has big relation with the producing.
Fruity performance:
1, red wine: red fruit flavors such as raspberry or black fruit such as blackberries and blueberries
2, white wine: lemon, mint and yellow apple or pear
3, each one contains a variety of fruit wines.
4, in addition to fruity, the wine also has other strong flavor, such as grass, bell peppers, black pepper and olive flavor and so on.
Fifth, body
Wine body can be divided into light, medium and full-bodied three kinds. Wine is the overall performance of a number of factors, grape variety, origin, year, alcohol content, and the brewing process that all will have a significant impact on the wine. It can be said the wine is the wine or the wine's overall performance collectively gives the overall impression of an argument. Generally speaking, according to wine tasters and the year to determine the origin of the wine. However, the alcohol content of the wine body impact is very significant. And viscosity of high alcohol wine is high too, which can be linked by observing the length of time to determine the cup. High alcohol wines generally have a more heavy-bodied.
The method to determine the body:
1, compare (compared with the previous drink wine);
2, note that the length of time pondering. The longer explanation bodied aftertaste more thick;
3, the duration of hanging cup was observed. The longer explanation hanging cup the more heavy the wine.
Overall, these characteristics of wine help us identify the wines. Offering more than 250,000 bottles of different wines annually around the world, to successfully distinguish the wine so much that we can used on wine grape quality, origin, and the basic characteristics of wine are combined to create a complete wine recognition memory, Let our tasting practice more easily and more effectively, and even allows us to achieve excellent sommelier's dream within reach.

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