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Since 1900, the French woman Saluo Te invented bras for the health of women since the physiological characteristics, health and comfort women's underwear designed to gradually become the basic standard. Of course, to enjoy the underwear on the body with care, the first condition is that the bra for you.
As we all know, bra cup size A, B, C is based on classification of the depth of the cup, and in accordance with the milk under the bust around the difference to difference, but not all the standards. Important addition to the steel bra and breast care to match the edge of the circle, the cup depth and breast fullness needed to adapt. Simply put, the cup is to choose and determine the size of the circumference of the breast shape and fullness degree of the nearest bra. In this note we analyze whether or not the right bra size.

1. Bra size too small because the steel is less than the size of the breast care circle, the fat can cause chest pushed to the side edges, and back fat are also vulnerable to oppression. At first glance, the emergence because of cleavage was surprised, but calm and you observe the middle of the breast is pressed into two sections, the full shape of the chest has been destroyed. As a result, will be very hard wearing, and central fat breast bra will also be on the edge of the extrusion, and gradually shift to the side, and then look closely will find the flat area between the left and right breast has disappeared.

2. This bra sizes are often too large consumers, and even experts are confused. We often hear such a proposal "slightly larger bra size are conducive to the development of the chest" because the size is too small though beautiful steel care have to endure the oppression, resulting in heart and rib pain, but care too much if the same steel bad, because the bra wearing course, the size of the appropriate steel care will play a nursing role.

3. Bra Size exactly how it looks very comfortable, the circumference and bra fit the shape of the breast is just right. How to decide whether the match bra and breast it? These conditions include the formation of the breast in the center of the rounded curvature of the steel to be entrusted with the bra with a perfect arc, while the upper edge of the cup does not oppress the breast, chest point position can also be coordinated with the bra shape. Therefore, when selecting a bra as a bra under the bust end of the basic specifications of the model as the basis for bad chest. Bust the same as at the end of 80 women with small breasts to 80A, while a fuller breasts with 80B or 80C. The best time of purchase in the first try to see if a high degree of fit with their breasts, bra top is big enough not to oppress the nipple, bra straps should be adjustable length of the bottom of the bra should be tight Ying, both play a role on the care, it will not hinder breathing.

Choose a comfortable bra to wear not only for your own, others are comfortable to look is the best choice.

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