What's happening to your home business?

By: John Wallen..

So many of us are victims in life and things happen to us. Yet so many others let things happen for them, go figure. The inability to generate traffic and no leads to speak of, I guess your business is a mute subject. Come on and get a grip, your crazy to not look for change and leave all that dough by the wayside!
Come on, traffic to your website is easy, ok maybe not for you. All that noise out there is hard to get through your thinking? I have a system that will filet the meat right out of those obstacle's, and leave them by the wayside. You will have endless free leads, I guarantee.
I'm telling you right now, I was killing my business spending money on leads each day with no results. Making all those phone calls was a real drag. Rejection was easy to take after a while, but I was convinced that I had to be persistant with that method, and I would win out.
What you will hear many times in this industry is "determination is the key to success." Can't they come up with anything else? Oh, that's right they did "believe in yourself." But seriously, all that is true but fundamental. We can all remove that short ceiling from our live's with time. You only have to get on board with the right thing.
Every company out there, whether it's mlm or an internet business, what ever. The uplines, the sponsors, seem to all have a brain fog on how to market and grow your business. Ok, I do know a handfull that are different. If you dare do this, ask your sponsor if they are having a ton success with what they are preaching, you should know that answer already, believe me, you should know!
Why do so many of us feel we have to give these methods way to much time to work? Crazy are we that keep dulicating the things that don't work. If the other's are so much farther ahead then you with these methods, why are you not seeing results? You can only answer that if you honestly put in the effort to begin with, I guess.
Hasn't the time come for you to make a decision to move past what your doing, and get real and get over those old notions. Everyone that is successful in their home business has to keep moving past those comfort zones. You know the one's that keep us from succeeding if we let them. Unless your scared of success and not being honest with yourself, think about this. You only need 5 people in your business that are getting it done, and you got it made!

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