What's In a Name: Using Caller ID Override and Virtual Phone Booth Services to Give Your Business a

By: JoelBlack

"Admit it: caller identification has been a tremendously useful technology since its inception. Having the ability to identify who is calling before answering the phone has made picking up the receiver so much easier and so much less of a gamble.

When your caller ID shows an estranged significant other calling to start an argument, you can simply let the call go to voicemail. When bill collectors call to hound you for another payment, you can ignore the call altogether. Thanks to caller identification, there are, more often than not, no more surprises waiting for you on the other line! You are the one who is allowed to pick and choose who you want to speak with.

However, as much of a blessing as caller identification has been, it has also dampened many businesses' success—particularly businesses that function from a home or virtual office. When small business owners call clients or potential clients from their home offices or their cellular phones, it is not a good reflection of the business owner's professional image. If a client's caller identification system displays an incoming call from “Smith, John D.,” that client probably will not take the caller seriously, if the client even accepts the call.

This is why many are turning to caller ID override and virtual phonebooth services that will display an alternative caller identification number. This service is very beneficial in the home or virtual office environment, as it will cloak the fact that one is calling from a residential or cellular phone number by, instead, displaying a specific company's name on the potential client's caller identification. Having one's company name displayed gives small business owners the chance to compete with larger corporations.

Of course, not to abuse an old cliché, with great abilities come great responsibilities. Having the ability to cloak one's identity with a business name can be a fine line to balance ethically. Knowing that a company name will appear on a caller ID does give one the ability to make calls that one would, otherwise, probably not make. This is no longer a world in which calls are routed, first, to a live operator and transferred to a receiving party. There are times when we receive calls and, even though the caller ID displays a name, we cannot be entirely sure that name is actually the one calling. If, for example, one wanted to prank call or harass an enemy without getting caught in the nets of caller identification, one could use this system of hiding his or her identity with an alter-ego or the name of a company.

That is what makes this service so great, though—it gives more power to the caller. If a small business owner uses the service legitimately and ethically as a means to display a high level of professionalism or as a means to be taken seriously by potential clients, that goal will be met.

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