What reasons cause people fat in summer

By: Hayden

Consume less energy in summer
Because of cold weather in autumn and winter, body needs to consume some energy to maintain body temperature, so the consumption is much larger than in the summer, under the same conditions of diet, in winter you will be slimmer.
In summer body does not need too much energy consumption, so easy to gain weight, and don't have right method to exercise, the body can not consume excess energy, which is the reason not to lose weight, regular exercise and physical activity have little impact on the remaining fat, and only high-intensity exercise to consume energy can achieve weight loss purposes.
Eat cold desserts
Summer is definitely a good time to enjoy cold desserts. You crazy, I'm crazy, we are crazy for it. Did you be eye covetously on the ice cream when you were a child? Now, think about Cold Stone, Haagen Dazs and so on, you will salivates. But often a lot of heat is contained in desserts. It is easy to lead to obesity.
Love drinking beverages in summer
Cold beer, lemonade, iced tea, fruit shakes, Margaret, etc. These cool drinks (especially with alcohol) are full of calories make you gain weight. When hot, drink a glass of ice water is enough.
Often open air conditioner in summer
Stay at room of temperature about 20℃ long time, the body's metabolism will slow, along with reducing energy consumption, to a certain extent, there is the possibility to be fat. Indoor air temperature is preferably set at about 27℃, as close to the outdoor temperature, increase physical activity to burn fat tissue. Stay in air conditioner room a period of time, be sure to be out to take activities in normal temperature place, helps the body metabolism, and keep in shape.
Fruit as a staple
Many office workers for the purpose of weight, are rarely intake of staple foods, often with fruit instead, but experts have warned that fruit is not as a staple food. Although it contains kinds of vitamins and sugar in fruits, lacks of protein the human body needs and certain trace elements, nutritional imbalance easily leads to fat accumulation.
Hormone: control hunger
The scientists also found that in the body the leptin, also known as anti-obesity factor, is a major hormone that reduces hunger, which can control our food preferences. Lack of leptin people like all the food, and eat a lot, so eventually became super fat.
Cold: Viruses can increase fat
The researchers found that a kind of virus cause colds and sore throat can lead to obesity. In the experiment, chicken and mouses infected a special denovirus, weight increase more rapidly than other chicks and mice not infected by this virus, even in the case that they don't eat much. The researchers found that the virus can make the body's fat cells increased rapidly.
Diet: it is still the key of fat or thin
Diet is still a very important factor affecting the weight. Most people gain weight are because in their dietary intake of calories is more than the body needs. To lose weight 2 pounds per week (about 0.91 kilograms), you need to be daily intake of less 500 calories, or more consume 500 calories. You can eat less and exercise more, or preferably a combination of both to achieve this goal.
Lack of sleep: it is most likely to be obesity
People sleep less than 4 hours a day, the possibility of obesity will increase by 73% than normal sleepers. More and more evidence shows that "sleep is related with various nerve fibers of regulating food intake." Previous studies have shown that lack of sleep is related to the body's anti-obesity factor. In the body of people lack of sleep is promoted levels of appetite factor.

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