What parts of 6 kinds of food may lead to death

By: Hayden

Poison: alkaloids
The toxic parts: stems and leaves
Despite tomato is touted in many countries, they are really poisonous. Although the flesh itself is non-toxic, their stems and leaves are full of chemicals called glycoalkaloids. Higher content of this substance is in the wild tomato, artificial planting tomatoes also have some impact. This kind of thing can cause stomach disorders and anxiety. The stems and leaves can be used as a cooking condiment, but must be removed before eating. The effectiveness of this chemical, in fact, is often used to de-worming.
Poison: cyanide
The toxic parts: pit
Wherever Apple definitely is a popular fruit. The similarity with other foods in this form, apple also contains cyanide, but the content is not high. Pulp doesn't contain any toxic chemicals, but you will find cyanide in the apple core. Eat an apple core, although not fatal, but definitely not good for the body. Of course, if you eat too many apple core (premise is chewing and swallowing), it is likely to have complications.
Poison: alkaloids
The toxic parts: stems and leaves
We've all heard the stories about potatoes more or less. Whether the Irish potato famine, or other related historical events, we are already familiar, but you may not have heard of the potato is toxic. The stems and leaves of the potato plant are poisonous, even the potato itself is toxic. If you carefully observe the potatoes, then you may find that some potatoes are slightly green. This is due to the toxicity of glycoalkaloids. There were cases that people died because of potatoes toxic attacked, although very rare, often due to drinking potato leaf tea or eat green potatoes. The death event is not sudden, the parties often are weak originally after eating, then fall into a coma. Do not have to worry about the green potato chips you eat occasionally, but must throw away the potatoes growing green sprouts or green skin, do not cook, especially be careful not to make children eat.
Poison: hydrocyanic acid
The toxic parts: pit
There are many ways to eat cherry, it can be eaten raw, cooked, baked, made into jam or candy, even can eat cherry with some Jiuchi. Despite has many benefits, the cherry is toxic. If you eat a cherry without thinking of remaining the pit in the mouth and do not spit it out, you'll probably swallow the hydrocyanic acid. Once the cherry is chewed or crunched, it will automatically produce hydrocyanic acid. Mild poisoning symptoms include headache, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, palpitation and vomiting. A large number of hydrocyanic acid can cause breathing difficulties, high blood pressure, heart beat too fast, and renal failure. Other reactions include coma, convulsions, the most serious cause respiratory failure and death.
Poison: muscimol and other factors
The toxic parts: 5% of the mushrooms
There are about 5,000 species of mushrooms in the United States, of which about one hundred kinds are said to be poisonous, but causing death less than ten kinds. Nevertheless, mushrooms may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Because the nature of the mushroom is a fungus and there are so multiple types, so it is difficult to judge whether it is poisoned or not. From their experience points of view, we usually say wild mushrooms may be very toxic. The muscimol hormone is one of the most deadly mushroom toxins, which can cause severe liver damage. We said toad-stool is also one of the poisonous mushrooms.
Poison: urushiol
The toxic parts: raw cashews
Although not nuts plant is the seed, cashews have a shell-like structure, and grow on the fruit. When you buy "raw cashews" in the store, have to buy the steamed, not fully raw cashews. This is because raw cashews contain urushiol, which could be found the same kinds of toxic chemicals in the poisonous vine. This material enables the body to produce the same kind of reaction to contact with poison ivy and poison oak. Intake of urushiol can be fatal. Cashew poisoning cases are relatively rare, but workers shelling them to produce sometimes will have the hidden trouble of side effects due to close contact.

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