What is Digital Marketing

By: Mel Joelle

Digital marketing is a holistic approach to advertising. The user may worry about the use of the word holistic in this sense, but holistic does not mean an alternative advertising method. It simply means that a marketer will use all of the technologies he has available to promote his or her business. The technologies the modern markets users include Internet advertising, radio advertising, bill board advertising, newspaper and magazine ads, and old fashioned word-of-mouth. The digital marketer will combine all of these methods to make sure he has an effective online and real world marketing campaign.

When people hear the word digital, they often think of computers. The word simply means that an on and off state are used to represent information. The technical issues do not matter to the marketer. The marketer wants to know how he can use social media to grow his business. He needs to know how to play the social networking sites like a master. He needs to know about local SEO and how it can help or hurt his business. The size of the business usually determines whether or not local SEO is beneficial. He needs to gain followers, likes and he may even want to use a Myspace page.

The second part of the campaign involves using older forms of media that are still widely used. This includes television and radio. The radio conveys information to people traveling on their way to work and on their way home each day. These short ads needs to use sound in a way that it catches the listener's attention. The expert knows that the last thing he wants to do is annoy the user. This holds true for television advertising also.

It may seem odd that a digital marketer would need to consider print advertising, but print publications have not disappeared from the world yet. Local newspapers and magazines are still going strong. If the marketer needs to reach older customers, he may need to take out an ad in his local newspaper. Local lifestyle magazines are also a good place to reach customers who may not normally see or hear the other types of ads the business uses.

The final aspect of digital marketing requires no new technology. The technologies that drive speech have been around for years. Word-of-mouth advertising lets people tell other people what they think of a particular business. If a local business gets good word-of-mouth advertising, it benefits from a steady stream of customers.

It takes time to build a good digital marketing campaign. A small business owner may think that he cannot afford the expense. Given that many of the forms of advertising have little monetary cost, there is little reason for a business not to use every technology he has available to grow his business. It pays off in the long run. Radio and television advertising may take up a large portion of the advertising budget, however. Sensibly sized print ads cost considerably less than a 30-second radio ad.

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