What is Build a Relationship With Your Subscribers?

By: Pardeep Singh

Your mailing list is critical to your online business. Whether your list is large or small, you need to make sure you focus on building a good relationship with your subscribers. This is the most important part of building and keeping a responsive mailing list. If you don't develop good relationships you run the risk of having people unsubscribe from your list, which is obviously not a good thing. For more details www.email-auto-format.com You CAN build a really great relationship with your subscribers, which will not only keep them on your list, but will also have them wanting to hear more of what you have to say and offer in the future.

Gaining The Trust Of Your Subscribers

Trust is the number one ingredient in any relationship. So, in order to gain the trust of your subscribers you need to be genuinely honest and sincere in all of your dealings with them.

When someone subscribes to your list they are giving you their personal information (name and email address, for example) and their permission for you to email them with information and offers in the future. Remember that your "subscribers" are much more than just names on a list, they are REAL people, who subscribe to your mailing list because they believe you have something of value to offer them.

The best way to gain the trust of your list is to give them lots of "value" for free. Once you have built trust, your subscribers will be more than willing to pay for the products you promote. They will know that when they buy a product from you that what they will get from that product will be worth way more than what they pay for it! Always remember that your subscribers are REAL people who will be paying you with REAL money for any products they purchase from you. So inspire them and share your knowledge with them! Believe me, if you are really interested in helping people with what you have to offer, your honesty and sincerity will shine through!

DO NOT "Bombard" Your Subscribers

No one likes to be bombarded with emails every day from the same people promoting this product and that product, or telling them "you must buy this now before it's too late to.." For more details www.freelist-pro.com It will be apparent to the people on you list if you are constantly trying to get them to buy something from you. You will lose subscribers this way.

Even if you are sending free offers and/or information it can be overwhelming to a subscriber if you are sending something every day! Make sure to space your emails out, 2 or 3 times per week is good. Of course if something exciting comes up you can always send an additional email!

The Importance Of Providing "Value" To Your Subscribers

Since your mailing list is so crucial to building your business, you need to make sure that everything you email to your subscribers can be of help to them and will meet their needs in some way. This applies to any promoting you are doing and to anything free you are offering. You don't want to send them any old thing just to send them something!

When promoting your own product or someone else's product to your subscribers, always make sure that the product is something potential customers will be happy with. Remember, HAPPY customers become REGULAR customers!

In A Nutshell

We all want and need repeat customers to build our businesses. While the "hard sell" works for some people it is usually short lived. Providing value and really caring about what is best for your customers and their needs is what what will work for the long term. Your list is where you turn potential customers into customers, which only goes to show that the saying "The Money Is In The List" really IS true! Build a great relationship with your subscribers from the beginning and, before long, you will have built a stable, ongoing business.

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