What is Blastoff?

By: Gershon Yakir

If you are reading this you probably heard about Blastoff Network and wondering .

Imagine getting a rebate for everything you buy on the internet from major retailers
both established retailers as well as major online retailers, such as: Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Target, Travelocity, Expedia, Barns & Noble, Zappos, godaddy.com, hotels.com and many more. Not only do you get cash back on your own purchases but Blastoff Network will also pay you on what your friends buy 10 levels deep. That's right 10 levels deep!

Working quietly to secure agreements with major retailers and prepare for a massive launch bringing viral marketing and network marketing together in one of the most impressive internet releases yet to come. Blastoff Network is an implementation of viral marketing at its best: its fun, free, offers you a great benefit (get cash back on online purchases) and benefits you for telling others (get paid on your network 10 levels down). The best of all it does not cost a dime! Yes, you are reading this right it is free to join.

Blastoff Network is your fully customizable internet launch pad and home page that pays you to do what you are already doing for free anyway. each time you or someone you introduces buys online you get a cash back.

The company lined up a very impressive and experienced management team led by William Rogers, Adam Smith, Doug Gray & Scott Berman who demonstrated experience, creativity and internet know-how at its best.

Other companies in the past have created shopping networks and internet malls and even tried to combine a mlm model with theme but all of them required an fee to join and a minimum monthly purchase which in most cases made it very hard to recover your initial investment let alone become profitable on a monthly base. But the Blastoff Network has out did everyone by simply making it Free and getting most big stores involved.

There is no cost to join and Blastoff Network will pay you on what you and your network purchase up to 10 levels out.

The prelaunch was originally scheduled for 10/12/09 now set for 10/22/09 due to some last minute delays and discussions with the major email providers necessary to guaranty the deliverability of the huge number of invitations that are expected to be issued over the next several weeks (estimated to be 50-60 million).

For the first two weeks the Blastoff is offered by invitation only and is planed to open to the general public around 11/5/09.

Blastoff Network is a real benefit to everyone. First and foremost you the customer by saving money on your purchases in the form of a cash back and making money from what other people buy in your network, the vendors are getting more business and lots of advertizing like never before for which they are not paying.

In summery, I believe Blastoff Network is estimated to be the next giant phenomenon on the internet (the next Facebook?) You have everything to gain and nothing to lose so go Blastoff and have a blast…

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