What eight kinds of food can affect your sleep quality

By: Hayden

First, caffeine
Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid compound, is a central nervous system stimulant, can temporarily drive away the drowsiness and restore energy. So, caffeine can be refreshing. However, nutrition experts said, it is little-known that caffeine cannot provide energy to the body, it's just a kind of irritant, so before going to bed, eating too much caffeine will cause too much stimulus brain, find it difficult to fall asleep.
Second, cheese
Cheese is rich in protein and lipid, has high nutritional value. It contains rich salts and vitamins and other trace components are great benefit to human health. But it contains a lot of amino acid tyramine. Butyric acid has a refreshing effect. Therefore, suggested that it is best not to eat cheese before going to bed.
Third, spicy food
Spicy foods include fried foods, chili, pepper, garlic, mustard, pepper, ginger and so on. Eat spicy chicken wings and other such food at dinner or at bedtime, when you lie down to sleep, it is more likely to cause heartburn, it is difficult to promote sleep, if you really like spicy food very much, it is recommended that eat them in the morning.
Four, processing or smoked meat
Nutrition expert Dr. Xin Seya Pasquale, processed meat contains large amounts of tyramine caused brain releasing a kind of chemical substance maintains brain alertness. At the same time, other experts said, processing meat contains large amounts of tyrosine, causes the brain to produce exciting dopamine. In addition to disrupting sleep, processed or smoked meat is the most unhealthy junk food.
Fifth, drinks
Alcohol has a calming effect, but it is strange that it can make you more awake at night. Dr. Pasquale said, a lot of people drink to relax and recover from fatigue, in fact, alcohol would hinder the body into the REM (rapid eye movement) deep sleep stage. Precisely because of this, many people snore loudly in their's sleep after drinking and still feel groggy the next day. The fact is equivalent to reducing the quality of sleep.
Sixth, milk chocolate
Studies have shown that the nutritional content of the milk chocolate can promote the release of monosaccharides to improve blood circulation, which helps improve cognitive abilities, in other words, making the brain in a more sober state, Dr. Pasquale said, Usually, milk chocolate contains stimulant tyramine acid can be converted into tyrosine, which causes alertness and restlessness, and difficulty falling asleep.
Seventh, tomato sauce
Tomatoes contain vitamin C in the tomato, which can help digestion, detoxify, lower blood pressure and so on, especially for patients who are hypertension and kidney disease, it has adjuvant therapy. But it belongs to acidic foods, most foods, such as pasta and other foods containing tomato sauce, preferably eat it before going to sleep a few hours, because the tomato sauce is easy to cause heartburn, acid reflux to interfere with sleep.
Eighth, energy drinks
Dr. Pasquale, energy drinks contain irritating ingredients substances such as caffeine, which can not only improve the excitement of the brain, and most of the drinks contain amino acid taurine can improve alertness, speed up the heart rate or high blood pressure, which will affect the extent of sleep and quality of sleep, and also produce a lot of side effect.

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