What do you do when You Graduate from College?

By: Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT

Graduating can be a good stress, because the knowledge that the days of long reports, essays, homework assignments and exams are coming to an end. Not only that, but it will soon be the moment that most have been anxiously waiting to get to for three, four or seven long years. However, accompanying those thoughts are the worries of increasing debt with every year one spends in school. These monetary concerns will often be pushed aside as one tries to push aside the worries of how they are ever going to pay their student loans back. They tell themselves they will easily deal with them when the time comes, but when the time does arrive, it can be a large burden that could land many new graduates into huge debt, stress and depression.

As younger students go through grade school and prepare for entering university, they will often be focused on the career that they want and the marks they will need to earn in order to get that career. Most, however, will try not to think about the loans they will have to get in order to afford their way to their career. Loans are scary enough to think about before even getting into university, but are horrifying once graduation is over and one opens the envelope that asks them for monthly payments that are more than their rent and utility bills are together. Many questions will run through their mind, most of all, “How am I ever going to pay this off?” Some will immediately start to regret going to school for a degree that may even pay very little at first, depending on what profession they have been trained for. This can make matters worse for students who were only working to improve their lives, achieve their goals and ensure a brighter future for their selves. Many will feel that they have been pushed into a corner, have had heavy changes wrapped around them and feel that they have been lured into a promising venture that only ended with their being turned into slaves of the banks. Despair and hopelessness set in, frustration begins to build and it seems like their goals have been pulled away from their reach as their debt is shoved into their faces. They feel that they are beyond help and feel that they are left with only a few options to get out of their situation.

In past decades, most would turn away from help because they felt too uncomfortable about seeing a counselor in person. These days, students are turning to online counseling to help them deal with their stress and mounting debts. One can easily get in touch with an online counselor by doing a quick search online. Once in touch, the online therapist will work with the individual to deal with their stress and even help them work through their financial difficulties. Online therapy can help a person to get back on their feet, let go of the despair they feel and move forward to accomplishing their goals.

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