What are the five diet principles of scientifically weight loss

By: Hayden

Some girls are blindly pursuit of weight loss results, blindly dieting, which can cause gastrointestinal disease, endocrine disorders, the psychological burden increase, at cross purpose, hurt body health. Here recommend you Japanese Ita-style weight loss ways, 5 diet principles let you quickly slimming, reasonable lose weight.
Principle 1, choose to eat soup & salad
The principle of weight loss diet is to choose to eat raw vegetables salad & pickles. Raw vegetables contain important body slimming "enzyme" beneficial of slimming, where amino acids, vitamins help digest the body metabolize essential nutrients.
Vegetables contain plant fiber, can slow vivo absorption of sugar and fat. So once feel of hunger, the first choice is vegetables!
Secondly, recommendation of food miso soup and other hot soup, improve body temperature, enhance metabolism. Drinking before the staple food, can promote digestion after a meal, and easy to produce satiety, indirect control food intake.
Principle 2, maintain a pleasant mood to enjoy gourmet
Studies have shown that mood is an important factor affecting body weight, girls are in the process of weight loss, often in order to dieting, much food prefer to be eaten can not eat, force to choose light vegan food, lack of appetite satisfaction, in the long run, cause restlessness and boredom, indirectly affecting food digestion and absorption. In order to be more better and more lasting insist on a weight loss diet, to regulate their own psychological well-being with eating, endocrine and digestive system so that the impact will be subject to mood increase fat burning rate, eating can also be thin.
Principle 3, if you want to eat pork, on the choice of red meat
Girls who like eating meat, can choose the red fleshy meat, red meat contains ingredients to promote fat burning, lamb, beef, pork in accordance with the sequence are rich in fat-burning substance, which is not found in the chicken. The taste should be light when cook meat, and eat with a variety of vegetables, can promote digestion and gastrointestinal peristalsis, relieve meat greasy. Also note intake, does not overdoes, according to their physical activity consideration, to avoid excess fat storage of energy.
Principle 4, even lose weight can also eat rice
Rice as a carbohydrate, can transform into sugar in the body to be stored as body fat, so girls in weight loss will not eat the rice. In fact, this is not healthy, long-term do not eat rice, will cause the decrease of the intestinal bacteria proliferation due to sugar, to break intestinal balance and cause disease. In fact, the natural enemy of weight loss is wheat flour. Wheat flour can make the body cold, easily lead to obesity, the same eating, avoid choosing breads and pastries, and have rice for lunch more healthy .
Principle 5, if eat late at night, choose water & fruit as breakfast on the next morning
If eat late at night, in order to ensure energy intake balance in the body, it is necessary to do diet content adjustment at breakfast on the next morning. Noontime is as excretion and body clarification time period, have a glass of water and a kind of fruit for breakfast, at room temperature plus one kind of fruit (the amount with one hand you can load is appropriate). Raw fruits are rich in vitamins, enzymes helping metabolize, diuretic effect of calcium and other minerals, can effectively help the body toxins and waste discharges, in a day, you can also choose to drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice in idle time to make stomach to have proper rest.

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