What are the essential bbq accessories and grill tools?

By: Jhoana_Cooper

Grilling and barbecue are two terms which are generally used interchangeably by the people in order to explain a kind of food, method of cooking it or a social gathering which frequently comes about when this particular food is prepared. But grilling and barbecue are not the same. There are a number of differences between the two. The chief distinction between the two is that of the source of heat. Barbecue utilizes an indirect or a low-level heat for cooking whereas in grilling the food is prepared directly over the flame or some other source of high-heat. However, the bbq accessories and grill tools required for both barbecue and grilling are the same.

The bbq accessories and grill tools simplify the whole cooking process and are extremely useful. It is always better to spend a little more and purchase your bbq accessories and grill tools of the best quality as they are more durable and useful in comparison with their cheap alternatives. Thus, once purchased these tools and accessories can be used whenever needed and most of them are easy to maintain.

One of the essential bbq accessories and grill tools are a pair of tongs which have a long handle. This is perhaps the handiest as well as most indispensable tool needed for barbecue and grilling. It is used for flipping the food as well as to move the coals, the grates and so on. Secondly, a spatula which is long handled is ideal among the bbq accessories and grill tools for picking up the delicate foods which might break on being lifted with tongs. The spatula must have a curved handle as well a broad blade.

A fork is also a must when it comes to bbq accessories and grill tools. It helps you test whether the veggies and meats are done. A fork can also be utilized to pick up the food which sticks to the grill without tearing it. A fork with long handles is preferable. Then you must also have some brushes as bbq accessories and grill tools. One brush must be kept for just the oiling of the cooking surfaces of the barbecue grill and another one must be utilized for basting. The brushes too must have long handles so that you do not burn your hands over the flame.

Oven Mitts too are needed as bbq accessories. They are very useful when you have to turn or remove say kebabs which are generally on the metal skewers from the barbecue or grill. Mitts are used for lifting food which is grilling in the foil parcels and also for dealing with sizzling metal items like the drip pans and so on. You can also purchase the fireproof mitts so that they do not catch fire on making contact with the flames.

For cooking kebabs skewers are necessary bbq accessories. They are broadly of two types – the long skewers made of metal and the bamboo skewers. Then there are some bbq accessories and grill tools which are not essential but are useful. They are wire racks which are hinged, meat thermometer for checking the meats’ internal temperature, wire brushes for cleaning the grill and plastic covers for protecting the grill or barbecue in storage.

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Thus, it is very essential to buy good bbq accessories and grill tools before you plan a rocking bbq party.

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