What are the benefits of convection ovens?

By: Aydin Lembo

In case you're wondering about acquiring a new oven, then one that you may be looking into acquiring is a convection oven. You may be asking yourself, "how do they work?" Countertop convection oven cooking works, surprisingly enough, via a process known as convection that works with liquids in addition to gas when heat is applied to them more than the temperature of the adjacent mass.

Mainly, convection ovens use a fan which is more often than not positioned around the back of the oven to spread warmed air inside the oven. This enables the heat to circulate all over the cavity of the oven, and so the food is cooked in an even way relative to how it would have cooked had it been placed in a non-convection oven. The convection procedure also makes sure that the food is cooked much quicker seeing as the fan gets rid of the thin insulating layer of air between the food and the other parts of the oven cooking area. Consequently as you will see, convection oven cooking does have a few key tangible benefits over other different types of cooking ovens available to a you, in particular if it is important for you to have consistently cooked food.

Since the food is cooked more consistently, it means you're able to more easily control the food to stop it from turning into charcoal. Also, because cooking the food saves time you end up saving money on energy and in turn, contribute to the fight against global warming.

If you're about to embark on convection cooking then you understand the gotchas between convection and non-convection in terms of having your food come out the way you expect it to. First of all, you should cook the food using decreased heat vis-a-vis the temperature you would set in a standard oven without the convection feature, often in the region of 35 degrees fewer.

This is crucial since the food will be exposed to constantly channeling hot air, and if you do not employ a lower temperature, you could end up with food that is exposed to too much heat for a prolonged period of time. Ultimately, your food might turn into a lump of coal, rather than the perfectly cooked meal you were seeking.

An equally important thing that needs consideration is the manner in which a convection oven operates. In case you use a tray with high sides the air will not move well, thus the convection effect will be restricted; therefore, make sure that you leverage a low sided baking container for best results.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the convection oven is the decreased cooking times. You may make use of the extra free time to make more dishes if you'd like.

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