What are the advantages to be a stay at home mom?

By: Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT

With the views changing on what is expected of the men and women in our society today, being a mother in a more traditional role can be the target of some dispute. Even though it is really the decision of the couple to choose whether one or the other would prefer to stay home and look after the children, it is something that other women tend to take a strong opposition to. Respect for the stay at home mom has fallen, and those who choose to work with their children at home can find themselves attacked by others who feel they should be contributing more to society.

It really is sad that in the race to seem more equal to men, women are starting to forget the children they leave at home. There is really nothing wrong with staying home to look after one's children. Looking after young children is a full time job and something that can often be taken too lightly, especially by those who have never had the experience of raising their own children. In fact, many parents feel that children who have stay at home mothers or fathers often greatly from it. They can feel more secure because of the support they know they have at home. These children will also tend to feel less ignored by their parents than those who send their kids to the babysitters or daycares. Mothers who stay at home with their children also need to realize how important their role is, and also take advantage of the opportunity to teach their children more about the world around them. Spending more time with one's children can also build a stronger bond than parents who spend a lot of time away from their kids. There is much to be said about children and parents who have a strong relationship, especially as these kinds of bonds will only often get stronger as time goes on. This will often contribute to a stronger family unit as a whole, because the kids and parents have a broader understanding of each other as a result of spending so much time together.

Whether to be a stay at home mother (or father) is not a decision to be taken lightly, but is definitely one that should be considered for those who are serious about having children. There is also nothing wrong with both parents having a career, but if children are going to be brought into the picture, they cannot be ignored. Both parents need to realize they will have to sacrifice some of what they have in order to give their children what they need. Talk to any parent and they will likely say that all they may have had to sacrifice was worth it, and that they would do it all again if they could. Being a stay at home mom does not mean that one is contributing less to society, in fact it is contributing greatly by raising stronger individuals who will contribute to the world in their own time. Those who are considering children should take the time to consult an online counselor or online therapist about what would be best for them. If staying at home is not an option, then some online therapy or online counseling can be a great way for a mother to learn or plan on what they will do for their children instead.

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