What are the Most Common Lock Problems that Requires a Locksmith in Fremont?

By: Jonathan Sz

For every homeowner in Fremont, home security is one of the top-most priorities. Have you ever paid any attention to the door locks to your home or office in Fremont? It is important for you to understand that the door locks can go wrong or fail to perform if these are not maintained in a proper way. This can risk your home or business’s security. What should you do to avoid the sudden lock failure? In this case, it is important for you to rely on an experienced locksmith in Fremont who can handle and fix the small lock issues and ensure a top functioning lock at your home or office.

Here is the list of some most common lock issues that solely needs the attention of an expert locksmith Fremont technician, please have a look:

1. When the door key of the lock does not work properly:

It is found that number of house owners complain about their door key not functioning properly like not fitting properly in the lock or not turning.

First, when you find the key is not fitting in the lock, then check whether it is the correct key. You must remember that many high-security locks come with their own uniquely engraved keys; this makes it important to use the right one. If it is the right key but still you are unable to open the lock, then rely on an experienced locksmith to inspect the door lock for underlying issues.

If the key is turning but does not unlock the door, then you need an expert locksmith who will get the door lock disassembled and repaired.

2. Is the door lock sticking?

In deadbolt locks, the issue of sticky door locks is quite a common occurrence, which is caused due to wear and tear. It is also found that the build-up of grime inside the locking mechanism also causes the door lock sticking issue. A sticky door lock issue can be efficiently handled by using the right type of lubricant. But also make sure to consult an experienced locksmith to get the best solutions for the sticking door lock issue and prevent it in the future.

3. When the Key is broken off in the lock:

If you are struggling to pull out the broken key from the lock, then it is important to rely on an expert locksmith. By using the right tools and techniques, the experienced locksmith will efficiently handle and fix the issue in a convenient way. No doubt, this will give you peace of mind.

“A stitch time saves nine” - Have you heard this saying?


Mostly the lock issues seen due to malfunctioning, Jammed Doors & Latches, Lock alignment issues, broke key, Clogged lock , or even a froze lock condition. A hands-on service timed care can fix all such issues in no time and cost saving too. As a home or business owner in Freemont, it should be your responsibility to make sure the locks installed at the property are well-maintained. To avoid any kind of sudden lock failure or lockout situation, that can risk your residential or commercial property. There are many types of locks available in the market (from simple to high-security locks). An expert locksmith in Freemont can efficiently handle and fix the issue for any type and brand of locks. Make sure to contact the most reputable locksmith service provider in Freemont to get the best solutions.

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