What are game sequels we are expected will be released in 2013

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Every year we are looking forward to the new game works being able to bring us pleasantly surprised. We also hope that the game can be created sequel. However, in addition to the few enduring works, most of the series of games will reach the pinnacle and then tend to the ordinary, and finally become the waste. Going through the last day, in 2013, what the sequels of the electronic games are there may be available? Let us first read it
"Killzone 4"
Guerrilla Games's first-person shooter "flagship" has been almost popular in everyone. In a short time after the completion of "Killzone 3", the development team is ready to create the sequel of the game at once. Earlier last year, there are rumors that the "killing zone" will be exclusive in PS4 in 2013. Given that we have not yet known how Sony is this year, and what plan the game sale is, but it is quite credible rumors, we will get more news about the game this year.
"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare"
When Activision announced the news of the "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" earning $ 5,000,000 available during 24 hours for sale, from this we can know "Black Ops" will be infinitely better in the future. Those who are familiar with the sales of schedule of "Call of Duty" series of games each year also know that "modern warfare 3" the sequel is not worse than other two works. I am looking forward to the "modern warfare" promo can be popular in the network. Fans can expect to make the announcement and demo of the game at E3 in 2013, and are looking forward to the hot market the day of in the second week of November.
"GRave Defense 3"
A long time ago, film-videos director acknowledged, after this game released, everyone knows "GRave Defense" is coming. Capcom Vancouver segment published two download sections before and after the "GRave Defense 2" on sale. The studio hinted this series will be further developed. Finally, in 2011 this game exposed a few paragraphs of the story including scenes setting and people setting. In short, I hope to release more details about this.
"Halo 5"
When 343 industries uncovered the veil of "Halo 4" in November last year, fans around the world are all attracted by this great game. Frank O'Connor said many times that he had arranged the plan of the "Halo" series of games for the next decade. According to this clue and until XBOX the next generation of the host is ready. "Halo 5" most likely will be released a promo in the next E3. However, I do not think this game will be listed before the fall of 2014, I expect Microsoft will be as far as possible let everyone know the game is still in production.
"Saints Row 4"
Now, THQ has been bankruptcy. However, under severe pressure, volition feel great pressure for putting on sale of the next "Saints Row" game. Regardless of whether release of this game this year, entirely depends on IP auction on January 22. Buyers may release the game in the fall - which need to see how the development team will be, or simply wait until 2014, no matter how, I predicted that we learned the information of the game at a later date.
"The Walking Dead Season 2"
After the game was put on sale of 8.5 million in 2012 and won the 2012 VGA Awards, "The Walking Dead" is proved that it is a game that is adapted the most successful by Telltale Games. All expectation for this game will be the powerful looking forward to this for the powerful guarantee they released the sequel, I will pay attention to this game in the whole year of 2013. At the same time, I predicted the game trailer will be debuted at the Spike Video Game Awards in 2013.

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