What are effective to protecting heart

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With the global environment, personal diet and lifestyle changes, cardiovascular disease becomes the "big killer" to human health. Recently, the Harvard University affiliated hospital Blegen women's Hospital Cardiovascular Health Program Director Joanne Fudi share her protecting heart experience over the years, for your reference.
1 eat dinner with a small plate
Fudi said, in America women over the age of 20, there are 2/3 women overweight or obese, this is an important reason for the increase incidence of female heart disease and diabetes. A method of his weight control is changing for smaller dishes and spoons, to avoid placing too excess food, and eat slowly.
2 eat half of food when have dinner outside
The National Institutes of Health said, 20 years ago, the fast-food each of french fries was 70 grams, contains 210 calories, now each of french fries is about 200 grams contains 610 calories. Consume those extra calories, you have to walk 1 hour and 10 minutes. Fudi's practice is that, he goes to the restaurant for dinner as little as possible, if have to, only eat half of a dish in the restaurant, another half is remained to be eaten next day.
3 remain 45 minutes a day for exercise
If people do 45 minutes exercises daily, it may be possible difficult for most people. Fudi cleverly divided 45 minutes into three 15-minute or five 10-minute walking periods. If every day walks ten thousands steps, is equivalent of 45 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise.
4 deep breath decompression
The pressure can cause rapid heartbeat, and elevate blood pressure. A study involving 15,000 people found that the risk of pressure levels increased is the same with high blood pressure and abdominal obesity. Therefore, appropriate mitigation pressure is very important to maintain a healthy heart. Fudi does a required course every day is to do a set of breathing exercises, besides, she also recommends overlooking; closes eyes to count number, from 1 to 100.
5 make jokes with colleagues and often see comedy
There are several humor funny people around you, your heart will benefit. University of Maryland's research shows that, when people watch comedy, their blood vessels will relax, blood flows will be more smoothly. Fudi is an interesting person in life, he didn't forget to make jokes with colleagues, patients after busy work, and her biggest hobby is to see comedy.
6 hug family people every day.
University of Pittsburgh researchers found that stress, anxiety and depression are an important risk factor for heart disease in women, and mutually supportive relationship is an important factor to reduce the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that, good interpersonal relationship and conjugal relations, even keeping pets, all have the effect of lowering blood pressure, and reducing heart disease. Fudi said, she came home from work every day, the most eager is deep embrace with his family, and bad mood will also leave.
7 appropriately expose under the sun
Skin can produce vitamin D after exposure to the sun, which is an essential element of a healthy heart. In addition, vitamin D and calcium can help you lose weight, which is another reason beneficial from cardiac. The U.S. National Institutes of Health said, in the summer from 10:00 to 15:00, the skin is exposed in the sun five minutes every day is enough to help the body to manufacture sufficient quantities of vitamin D. In the winter, it is necessary to increase the time and frequency of the sun in order to obtain enough vitamin D. Fudi recommends, if necessary, can detect vitamin in the blood, if the level is too low, need to add vitamin D. Vitamin D desired level is from about 20μg / ml, less than 12micrograms / ml or μg / ml is not conducive to health.

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