What are causes of pores becoming coarse and blocked and how to care

By: Hayden

The first reason: dirt clogging the pores, dirt blocking causes the pores expanded, the epidermal basal layer of the skin constantly creates cells, layer upon layer to the upper layer of skin to skin, after aging completely, generally will naturally fall off. Girls who are big pore, the skin metabolism is not smooth, cannot fall off regularly, leading to larger pores.

Second: skin loose and aging, after skin loose and aging, coupled with the growth of the age, blood circulation is blocked, the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin is also easy to become loose, no flexibility, if not timely care and skin maintenance and care, given appropriate, will accelerate the aging, the pores will naturally become more and more bigger.

Third: smoking, smoking is one of the reasons causing large pores, when you enjoy the feeling of cigarettes to smoke opium, also will let you vasoconstriction, blood circulation slow down, nutrients can not be successfully delivered into the skin cells, so dry skin and aging will have in advance, facial lines naturally droop, pores stretch.

Fourth: bad care habits, squeeze pimples, acne excessive stimulation caused skin fat excessive accumulation, leading to pore blocking, easy to produce purulent bacteria, easy to inflammation of the pores, causing acne and acne more and more, if excessive extrusion, resulting in skin break down, once the damage to the dermis, the skin lack of regeneration of skin function, to produce the new cells, it will leave a scar bump, make pores bigger and bigger.

Fifth: sleep not scientific, not enough sleep, not normal rest, serious impact on the state of the skin, long time will cause great damage to the skin. Large pore is one of the aspects. This is because no normal work and rest disrupted the normal rest time of skin.

Sixth: the improper use of cosmetics, smearing exciting cosmetics or medicine cream, such as potent drug cream, lotion, anti-inflammatory water, blocking the pores will make more serious, oil can not be properly discharged, such as sterilization and then the lack of appropriate care, will become more and more serious, the pores will be more and more.

How to care pores?
1: skin oil is increased, but don't regularly take deep cleansing mask to clean pores, whatever your skin, a week does not use more than 3 times, each time after cleaning, needs to use toner.

2: natural coarse pore, pay special attention to cleaning and maintenance, usually is oily skin, take the amount of oil is relatively large, nose, chin, forehead area is particularly large pores, must pay attention to cleaning, maintenance, otherwise it will make the oil, dead cells more and more accumulation in the pores, and will increase with age, increasing skin problems.

3: take a sip. Moderate drinking can speed up the body's blood circulation, make complexion ruddy, open pores, so take a sip is the best.

4: pay attention to cleansing water, in summer you can use the cold water, but do not use water to clean the face of cold, the water temperature is controlled at 20 degrees, so that it can completely clear the pores in the dirt.

5: daily cleansing must be careful, and don't be too perfunctory, if there is no make-up, also need to use facial cleansers to clean off a day of dust down accumulated and grease, do not attempt to use water, will be able to wash facial oil. Need to strengthen the T word parts to clean, and then can smear toner.

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