What are Some of the Causes of Acne and the Steps You Can Take to Prevent It

By: Garyl Hany

Growing into a teen makes us vulnerable to changes. These changes include the acne problems most adults have in common. The cause of this problem is not yet known.
One factor that affects acne is the improper cleaning of your face. Others use different kinds of soap just to eliminate acne but a lot of us are not knowledgeable that in fact, these soaps and face cleansers can actually cause acne problems. This is because our skin has compatibility issues.
From a tiring and full of smokes, we dive in to the cleaning products that we see in the market. But we must be aware that these products are not always safe and might worsen your condition if not properly examined by a skin dermatologist. Make an appointment to your doctor to ensure the best products that suits your skin.
One cause of the acne is the issue in hormonal imbalance that is happening when women are close in experiencing their monthly period. The acne shows days before the period, usually in the maximum days of 5.
It is very important to know that cleansing your face with products that we see in the TV is not enough. Knowing what the cause is and what the ways in avoiding acne problem are is best resolved through a dermatologist.
Others say that the regular consumption of nuts is one of the major causes of acne. Although there are some reasons that will point nuts as the reason, there is still no strong evidence about nuts as the cause of acne.
There are certain steps to remember for your face to be acne free. One is to make your oil as free as possible from oil. Oils in the face that are not eliminated immediately will eventually clog in your pores resulting to acne.
The second way in eliminating and or avoiding acne is to wash your face with bath soap. Even though advertisements are very catchy and tempting for you to use, bath soap is a very harmless choice. Vehicle smokes are very much harmful and must be cleansed out from your face before you sleep.
Taking care of your face requires a lot of job. Some are tiring and you may think that some are irrelevant. But the key to a good and successful way of taking of your face is to do things in regular basis.

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