What are Organic Chickens and What Are the Benefits of Eating Them?

By: Andrea Kristi

It is not a secret to anyone that chicken is healthier than a fried burger. If you are really health-conscious, buying organic chicken is your best choice and here is why.
Eating non-organic chicken on a regular basis is not the safest choice, because many farmers commonly use arsenic, best known as a deadly poison, in conventional chicken feed. Multiple studies show that prolonged exposure to arsenic may cause type 2 diabetes, heart and liver diseases and even certain forms of cancer.
Some studies show that children of women who were exposed to arsenic while pregnant, may be at an increased risk of cancer later in life.
Other studies and research showed that young chickens have the highest levels of arsenic among other meats and poultry. According to the research it may be up to four times higher than in other meats.
Arsenic is called a deadly poison for a reason, because exposure to large quantities causes immediate death.
No arsenic is used in organic chicken feed. Organic chickens are fed all natural grains, which were grown on chemical and pesticide free farms. Organic chicken is also not given antibiotics, vaccines or growth hormones. They get daily access to sunshine and fresh air and they have lots of room to move. If you think that sunshine and fresh air only benefits the chickens, you are wrong.
Organic chickens which are free-range are much healthier than conventionally raised ones, because they get daily exposure to sunshine and fresh air. They have plenty of room to move around and to run, which makes their muscles well exercised and not wasted. They have high amounts of beneficial fats, which help lower cholesterol levels. They are also rich in Vitamin A and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
Buying organic chickens can get expensive, so you should always search the Internet for printable organic food coupons. Also, you may want to check local farms in the area, who may offer organic chickens and organic meats at lower prices.
Even if you dont care about your health and dont mind getting exposed to arsenic, give organic chickens a try anyway. If you experience their rich taste, you may never want to buy any other chicken again.

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