What are Emotional Eating and Its Ways to Overcome?

By: ajay kumar singh

Respectively, emotional eating is related to the communal problem of both men and women. Emotional eating indulges the excess consumption of the foods. It is a type of disorder in which a person eats to response to his feelings especially when he is not hungry. More importantly we can define emotional eating by saying ‘it is a behavior that rouses you to eat for reasons rather than hunger.’ To be considered, emotional eating comes promptly unlike the physical hunger which comes gradually. Many of us don’t feel to combine our feelings and emotions with our eating. There can be several causes of emotional eating as we can normally see the people copping with their overweight, overeating, weight loss, and at the other times these people consequently lose their self-confidence of becoming success or they are filled with hopelessness or helplessness and being fed up with this unwanted circumstances they begin to eat over. It happens when you feel shame of yourself or feel loser or blamed to be accused. There are some questions to be answered to identify emotional eating more clearly like-
• Do you think of food all the time?
• Do you think that you eat even you are not hungry?
• Do you ashamed of your eating behavior?
• Do you feel unhappy or guilty of what you eat?
• Do you feel that you eat to finish your erratic manner?
• Do you think you turn to eat to regulate your emotions?
In order to overcome eating emotional, it is necessary to understand the mental and physical conditions that compel you for eating emotions. What makes you to fall continuously stressful, anxiety and tiresome? What are the reasons that cause you to eat emotions and that encourage healthy eating and coping behaviors? To curb it you have to consider what is really your feelings all about? Learn to cope with the feelings differently. When you are feeling to eat mindlessly and stop for sometimes and inspect how you feel at that point of time. Do you feel anger, eccentric, irritate, and hurt, rejected, hopeless, and helpless? If you really want to stop your emotional eating you need to divert your mind from eating to some other things Such as in this conditions go to walk, watch television, listen to music, call your friends or do what makes you feel calm and entertained. Your emotional eating behavior can lead to never losing disorder. Concentrate on some points-
• First trick is to learn how to deal with the behavior. Deal with your trigger. Try to cut it completely from your life otherwise it will worsen the condition.
• It is not like you gust give up eating but just try to have moderate foods. Eat in good manner.
• Don’t eat each time at the same place. it affects you psychologically and logically so eat in the kitchen’s dining table instead of by sitting on the sofa and all.
• Be conscious of what triggers you eat mindlessly try to overcome it.
• Don’t eat while watching T.V., listening music or by lying on the bed.

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