What are Electronic Cigars?

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The cigarette and cigar have evolved over the last 70 years. Cigarettes were considered in during the First and Second World Wars. The war department was answerable as they gave out cigarettes as part of the ration package dispensed to each soldier. Soldiers used cigarettes as they would money; for trading, gambling and just passing time. During this time the cigarette companies promoted cigarettes to women. Hollywood was paid to help by giving cigarettes a sexy image. Merlene Dietrich was one of the women who was well-known for her sexy smoking image.

During the 1950s scientific research caught up with the Hollywood hype surrounding cigarettes as science started noticing the health dangers of cigarette smoking. The reaction of the cigarette companies wrote their own story on the reported health dangers by placing filters on cigarettes asserting that the filters were the similar as used in hospital surgical rooms..

Nowadays, the government is trying to impose stricter controls on cigarette and cigar manufacturers. However, cigars still have less laws them do cigarettes. Some clever young chap in America from ICIG developed a revolutionary new product called the electronic cigarette and electronic cigars. These products developed the cigarette into a tobacco free, cancer causing chemical free, and smoke free product taking away all these harmful effects.

The ICIG-R electronic cigar is odorless, without the cancer causing tobacco but suggests the same cessation as smoking. There is no more lingering odors while you smoke electronic cigars. No complaining about the smell from your loved ones or the person sitting next to you. Another exciting feature is that you can smoke inside without having to fret about dirty ashes or ashtrays. The Electronic cigar is a fantastic selection to cancer causing tobacco products and they taste and feel like a cigar.

The ICIG-R is similar to a regular cigar. It uses cartridges that when smoked produces a pleasant tasting water vapor with nicotine. The ICIG-R electronic cigar has a lot more fluid than common electronic cigarettes which translates into far longer smoking pleasure between cartridges. A rechargeable battery is included. When you puff the cigar a water vapor makes the cigar to light at one end which gives the perception of tobacco burning. The starter kit includes 2 ICIG-Rs and 2 cartridges. The ICIG-Rs sensation is said to be a stronger smoke to provide you with the feeling of smoking a real cigar. If what you are looking for is a healthier way to encounter the physical stimulus and flavor of a cigar, then the ICIG-R is perfect for you!

There are many happy smokers who have high acclaim for ICIGs electronic cigarettes and the electronic cigar. Those who have not yet experienced them often think it is a ridiculous product but our customers cannot stop raving about it. The best idea is to try it for yourself. If you are a smoker and are frustrated by having people give you the evil eye for having to breath your secondhand smoke, then it may be time to invest in the ICIG-R electronic cigar.. Once you have tried an electronic cigar, few go back to the tobacco version. Get your ICIG-R electronic cigar today!

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