What are Benefits of Maca Root?

By: Kinion Clarks

This herb increases fertility and libido, testosterone, sperm number and motility and is a great aphrodisiac.

Maca root is similar to radish roots, stems from Peru and thrives at altitudes of over 4,000 meters. A large number of scientists around the world, more attention paid to investigation of the properties and effects of this plant. Men and women are more and more used in a natural source of health and energy. Outstanding features of maca root from its unique content which includes: 59 percent carbohydrates, 14 percent protein, fiber, and nine percent of the two percent fat. Maca root regulates and establishes hormonal balance of the whole body, increases energy and physical stamina, relieves chronic state of fatigue and stress, regulates and nourish the endocrine system, stimulates memory and mental abilities, reduces depression, anxiety, decrease symptoms of PMS and menstrual pain, alleviates symptoms menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings and depression, including problems with the thyroid gland, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. Also, this herb increases fertility and libido, testosterone, sperm number and motility and is a great aphrodisiac.

Getting Started With Maca Root

Maca root had been used by old civilizations, long before the Incas, not only for food but also for medicinal purposes. It was an important component of human nutrition at the time, because it has a much higher nutritional value compared to other products. Legend say that Inca warriors ate large amounts of maca before they went into battle. It made them strong. But after the victory, and the conquest of the city, soldiers were forbidden to use it to protect the female population in the conquered cities from their powerful sexual impulses. This is how maca root gained a reputation of magical plant that provides energy, increases strength, enhances libido and fertility, not only in humans but also in animals. Spanish conquistadors were so fascinated and amazed by the effect of this amazing root, known as, Lepidium meyenii, so they were not charging taxes in gold, but in maca root. In the colonial records 200 years ago can be found exact data of make root purchases.

Functionality and Benefits of Maca Root

Science has proven that the golden maca has the ability to carry a balance and stabilize the body's metabolism completely natural for men and women. Raises the general resistance to disease, normalizes the functioning of the human body, promotes physical and mental health, and the best is that it has no contraindications (side effects). It acts primarily on the endocrine system. It alsop increases energy and endurance, and in contrast to caffeine products, provides long-lasting energy to body function. Because there is such an effective influence on the hormone levels of men and women, golden maca root affects fertility in both sexes. It helps to easily and quickly mitigate and remedy the above-mentioned conditions which are the result of everyday life, full of rush and stress.

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