What are 8 artificial islands in the world

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Nobody Land Fort (English)
In the Victorian era of Britain, originally was designed to withstand the attack of French army. After transformation, the island has become a luxury hotel, two helipads and indoor heated swimming pools. In 2007, it was auctioned off, however later period the company was closed down, resulting in a little farce, make the island and its former owners in an awkward situation, until now it still has not been sold.
World Islands (United Arab Emirates)
The World Islands are located in the coast of Dubai 6km away, is about more than 300 man-made islands, covering about 55 square kilometers. See from the air, then you will find the islands like showing a map of the world. In addition, the "Royal Island Beach Club" is the first spectacular leisure club on the island. Recent visitors landing Lebanon Island, stroll on the coast open to the public, I believe you will get an unforgettable experience, because when you are standing on the shore, you can enjoy the magnificent skyline of Dubai city, it is not to be missed!
Spiral Island (Mexico)
As early as in 1998, a person named Richie Sowa used more than 250,000 plastic bottles to build his own dream islands. His spiral island has been destroyed by hurricanes many years, the island is still intact with a two-story house, solar oven, self-composting toilets, as well as a beach. Today, he is also preparing to build a better island, try to expand the island area, attached to the sea level, and then he can be comfortable with their own private paradise to enjoy the world.
Mexcaltitan Island (Mexico)
The island is located off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico, is a small area of artificial island city. It is said that it is the home of the Aztecs. Today, the island has been promoted to a tourist attraction, visitors can ride from La Batanza boats bound for the islands.
Khazar Islands (Azerbaijan)
The archipelago is also known as the Caspian Sea Islands, is composed of 41 artificial islands. It is located in the south of Baku 16 miles. Azerbaijan, on the Caspian Sea extends 3,000 hectares. Avesta company is responsible for the development of the island, and spent $100 billion to build the city, it is expected to accommodate one million residents and 150 schools, 50 hospitals and daycare centers, also including numerous parks, shopping centers, cultural centers, F1 track and so on. They are also expected to spend $2 billion to build Azerbaijan Tower in Khazar Islands.
Ossur Island (designed by Austrian company, valued at $6,000,000)
This man-made island can "float" up on the sea in the help of two small diesel engines with each other! Today, the oval-shaped island is transformed into a yacht appearance, is a floating in the sea, and comfortable house. It covers an area of ??1000 square meters, has six bedrooms, and is divided into three layers. In addition, there are about four tennis courts. It is really a valuable luxury living space! Valued at $6.5 million (about 39.8 million yuan) or so.
Real Madrid's Island (United Arab Emirates)
In 2012, the Spanish football team Real Madrid in the UAE was to build a luxury resort valued at $1 billion. In order to choose a unique and the best location, therefore sports company plans to build an artificial archipelago. This resort is also known as soccer theme parks, including two high-rise hotels, luxury villas, a 10,000 seat stadium, wharfs suitable for strolling in seasides, a high-tech presentation team history museum and so on. Real Madrid has announced that regard, the project covers an area of 430,000 square meters, the design and construction will be completed in cooperation with the UAE government and is expected to be operated in 2015.
Firefly in Sea (Japan)
Tokyo Bay Cross Road connected Kawasaki, Kanagawa and Chiba, is a the Gulf Freeway made of underwater tunnels and bridges. The road is 9.6 kilometers long, starting point is in Kawasaki. A huge artificial island is linked by tunnels and bridges together, called "firefly in the sea".

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