What Your Weekly Household Cleaning Schedule

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Ok, right off the bat you may be asking yourself “What household cleaning schedule?” So that would be tip # 1 – create one. A schedule will actually simplify your life and allow you to clean your home without it seeming like that’s all you ever do. A few select tasks done each day of the week will free up your weekends considerably. But which tasks? Read on to find out which chores to incorporate into your weekly household-cleaning schedule.


It is astounding how dust is able to permeate every nook and cranny in your home. Dust particles in the air settle everywhere, and, if left untended, can become a household nightmare. Remember that dust carries with it dust mites, and if you or a member of your family is allergic, you want to keep dust in your home in check.

While it is easy to remove dust from large surfaces such as tables and walls, it’s not as easy in smaller areas or on objects like small appliances, railings, banisters, ceiling fans, etc… Luckily, special brushes have been designed to tackle these areas and eliminate the dust lurking on them. These long, flexible duster brushes (FULLER Go Around Duster) are one of the best housecleaning tools invented. They act like a dust magnet and will twist and turn to fit into any crevice or around any shape to pick up dust. Use with or without a dust polish, as they are washable and can be used over and over again.


Thanks to gravity, everything falls onto your floors. Hair, crumbs, dust, dirt particles from outside – everything. Instead of whipping out the vacuum cleaner everyday and running up your electricity bill, why not just sweep your floors daily? A well-designed broom will not only help to remove visible dirt from your floors, but also the dirt that hides in areas such as under counters, along baseboards and in corners. A broom with an angled head and split end bristles (FULLER Angle Broom) is perfect for trapping dirt in these hard to reach areas, allowing you to sweep it away once and for all.

Nothing makes a house feel truly clean the way shiny, polished wood furniture does. It reflects natural light and gives your whole home a warm glow. And nothing cleans and polishes wood furniture better than lemon oil (FULLER Lemon Furniture Oil). Lemon oil and wood share a long history together, and for good reason. The cleaning ability of lemon combined with wood nurturing oils is perfect for bringing the lustre back to your wood furniture. These cleaners are non-abrasive polishers that can actually help to conceal small scratches, making your wood furniture look new again regardless of how old it is. An added bonus is the fresh lemon scent that will permeate your home after using it.

Creating and following a weekly household cleaning schedule will simplify your housekeeping tasks considerably. Pick a day of the week to do each one of these chores, and enjoy your weekend.

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