What You Should Know About Purchasing Laminators

By: Lynne A Usla

As our world progresses the demand for laminated ID cards and such grows. Chances are you already have approximately four laminated cards in your wallet as you read this. Lamination is the process of encasing a piece of paper within well-sealed plastic.
The process of laminating a paper document protects it from damage. Depending on whether hard or soft plastic is used, a laminated paper can be rigid so that it can't be folded, or it may be soft and flexible. Laminated documents are also immune to water damage, in case you spill coffee on an important paper or run your driver's license through the wash, for instance. As it happens, human sweat can deteriorate certain kinds of paper, so it's a good idea to laminate paper cards that you handle often.
The resulting document after lamination is not only protected but will have a much more professional appearance and lamination can even make it to seem more authoritative. In order to laminate something, a machine called a laminator is needed. There are various kinds of laminators, pouch laminators that are also called heat laminators, and cold laminators. Pouch laminators not only use heat to process laminated goods, but also they use rollers to ensure that there are no pockets of air between the laminated document and the plastic.
Good pouch laminators heat up in the matter of seconds, and may have a tremendous amount of rollers, depending on the size of document that the laminator can use. A laminator will also be able to use a certain thickness of heavy gauge plastic for example, so if you are going to use heavy-duty plastic pouches, be sure and purchase a laminator that will be able to handle the thickness. Pouches come in a variety of sizes, with or without rounded corners, and can even feature matte pouches, or imprinted pouches.
Butterfly pouches are another kind of plastic laminate. These allow one to seal a document completely flat with no open edges. The pouch is scored in the middle at the insertion point, and the paper document is sandwiched between the plastic layers. The finished laminated document will appear as a solid card with fully sealed edges. There are also pressure sensitive laminators that work with various adhesives, like transfer tape, for example. These can be operated electrically or manually with a hand-crank.
You can purchase a laminator conveniently online, or take the time to visit a local office supply store. Lower budget models are often available in department stores too. Use the information presented above to choose a laminator that will perform according to the purposes for which you will use the machine. Think about this carefully before finalizing your decision on the purchase of a laminator.
Commercially, laminators are used in many different settings, including manufacturing plants, reprographics, photo finishing labs, and sign shops, however of course these laminators are very expensive and basically work by the push of a button once they are properly set up. Commercial laminators will even laminate an item that is up to " thick.
As you can see, laminators are used for a variety of specific purposes, and there are many options for how to laminate a document. It's a good idea to do thorough research before making a final decision.

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