What You Should Consider to Outsource Offshore

By: William Butler

Many company owners are still anxious whether they should outsource offshore or not. They think that it will be complicated if they do so. What they do not see are the benefits of outsourcing. While others are anxious, other company owners decide to outsource their business without taking into consideration of the different qualifications of an “offshore-able” work.

Things to Consider in Outsourcing Jobs Offshore

Although it might already be popular to outsource several tasks, there are things that you need attention after before deciding to have jobs sent overseas. The following are some of the considerations that you need to look into before deciding to outsource offshore:

* The first thing you need to consider is the difference in the wages and costs between the home country and the target outsourcer country. Many countries around the world offer outsourcing services at a cheap rate. Moreover, logic would be the fact that company owners can spend less by having tiny bits of tasks to overseas workers than having to increase the hourly rate of your local workers.

* Second, if the job can be done in “telework”. Telework means working at any place where you are reachable by phone or internet. Obviously, there is no way you can go back and forth on a certain country to discuss the job properly. If you decide to outsource your task, make sure that it is attainable and doable without the hassle of meeting personally.

* Third, if the work contains a high level of information that you feel it is risky to have someone close do it. Other tasks can become very confidential, especially when the height of competition with your rival companies become stiffer and you decide to do some advantageous strategy to be at the top over your competitors. Another reason why you should keep your information confidential is to ensure that your competitors will not have a chance to take advantage of information leakage. So, it is safer to have the job done away from your country.

* Fourth, if the work can easily be transmitted over the internet, it is offshore-able. Your main means of communication with your outsourcer is the internet. There are jobs that have little to no possibility of being transmitted over the internet. Heavy jobs like business planning and business meetings are rather difficult to transmit over the internet. Before you decide to outsource offshore, analyze first the weight of the task or job you would give to your outsourcer. Do not give your outsourcers a hard time by trying to accomplish task that are almost impossible to finish through the internet.

* Fifth consideration is the ease of setting up the work. If the job is easy to set-up, then most probably, it could qualify for an offshore outsourcing. Because you only have limited communication, it is better to outsource tasks that can be easily set-up with considerations of the difficulties of communication.

* Sixth and lastly, consider if the work is repeatable. Because you want to eliminate tasks that take time, you can have someone offshore do it. Repetitive tasks like social bookmarking, press release and forum postings which are all part of SEO can be done by a third party.

Actually, there are other considerations whether you should outsource offshore or not. However, the important thing is that you conduct a thorough study first and weigh the pros and cons of the situation.

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