What You Need To Sell On eBay

By: Jesse Holmes

Many people are starting to see the benefits of selling things on eBay to make some extra money. All sellers on eBay have a different goal. Some people sell products on eBay to make a few extra dollars each month. Others have a specific goal of wanting to make enough profit to coverage their utility bills or their car payment. And then there are the people who are learning how to sell on eBay in order to cover all of their bills and living expenses. Even though it may at first sound a little too good to be true, people are doing it all of the time.
To sell products on ebay the right way you will first need to have some sort of a goal. By having a goal you will have the motivation you need in order to make the best of your time on the auction site. Many people start to learn how to sell on ebay without knowing what their goal is besides "just to make some extra money". How much money are you thinking about though? When you know how much it is that you want to have, as profit from setting up auctions to sell products on eBay you will know what plan to set in place. A good businessperson always has a plan of action. Without these types of plans you are basically just floating around.
Aside from your plan, you will also need some important tools. Obviously, you'll need a computer, but you'll also need a printer, a digital camera, items to sell, a PayPal account, an eBay sellers account, a postal scale, and packaging materials. Most of these you could probably think of, but many new eBay sellers forget the importance of a postal scale
When learning how to sell on eBay you will quickly learn that buyers do not like paying more for shipping then it actually costs to ship an item to them. Also, it is against eBay policy to inflate the shipping costs and pocket the extra money. It is also unfair to you as the seller to undercharge for the shipping expenses and have to pay for a portion of the shipping costs out of your own pocket.
Once your item is completely packaged, you can place it on the postal scale and see what the exact weight is. Knowing the weight will allow you to determine the exact cost to mail the item. Just refer to the post office for the shipping rates. Also, make sure you are taking additional shipping fees into consideration. For example, delivery confirmation, and insurance.
Some eBay sellers will cover the shipping costs out of their pocket for high-ticket items as a sort of "bonus" for the buyer. This is considered to be good customer service. However, whether you or the buyer pays for insurance coverage, make sure you have it for high-priced items. You can never be too safe.

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