What You Need To Know About Wooden Boat Building Supplies

By: Michael James Stewart

Speaking of wooden boat building supplies, you can find many of them at your local marine and boating supply stores or even internet if you ever thought of building your own wooden boat.

The internet serves as a great resource for all types of wooden boat building supplies and information. Especially at Google and Youtube videos where you can do random search and find tons of information you need.

However to prevent you from being drowned and confused by information overload which can be contradicting from different perspectives of people, here are 10 necessary supplies you require for building a wooden boat:

1. Lumber

Ordering lumber on the internet or from a catalogue and having it delivered is not cheap. Because of this, buying from your local store is a much better alternative.

An ideal lumber for building wooden boats is dry, free from sap and with as little knots as possible.

If your local store does not provide a |the abovementioned lumber that you need, then get in touch with different online marine supply companies.

2. Plywood

Plywood can be easily found in various price levels and grades.

If you use cheap plywood, you certainly have to seal it with epoxy resin. Only problem is just doing this takes up a lot of your time and becomes your additional costs to your plywood purchase.

Henceforth you need to work out your budget before investing in these.

3. Epoxy and Glue

While shopping around for wooden boat building supplies, you will uncover several selections of epoxy and glues.

They all have their own pros and cons. If you are unable to decide for yourself, you can do online research before determining which ones serve you best in your boat building plans.

4. Corrosion-Resistant Fasteners

Every nail, rivet and screw on your boat should contain corrosion-resistant materials as in brass, copper or stainless steel.

For fasteners which are under the waterline, silicone bronze is my best recommendation based on my personal experiences.

5. Caulk

Depending on how your boat structure, you might have to caulk between the planks just to ensure that your hull is impervious to water conditions. You also need determine whether you should use a seam compound or a more conventional caulking cotton.

6. Sealants

You can also make use of silicone sealants to come up with a watertight seal around things which are placed within the deck of your boat. Such as deck hardware, port lights and other topside features.

7. Sailing Hardware

If you are constructing a wooden sailboat, you definitely require some specific hardware such as blocks, cleats, chocks, shackles and winches. Other than those, you also need a mast, poles and rigging for your sails.

Please do your due diligence by looking into your boat plans for a a more comprehensive list of essential sailing hardware.

8. Finishing Supplies

Take all measures to guard your boat's wood from sun and water by covering it with paint or varnish.

Marine paints and varnishes serve best since they are created to be resiliant to marine environments.

On top of those, you need to get brushes, paint mixing cups, rollers, sanding blocks and sand paper.

9. Wooden Boat Tools

Generally, most woodworking tools are intended for building wooden boats.

Such as saber, band and table saws, routers, sanders and power drills.

If you need more information on those, you may want to visit your local marine supply store or online.

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