What You Need To Know About Financially Independence...

By: Sergio Duarte

Where subscribers can discuss how to become financially independent, particularly by means of the programs promoted or a community whose member's mutual goal is to achieve well-planned lifestyles where we are no longer required to work for income. The purpose of the financial independence list is to serve as an open forum. It merely means not relying on a parent or other loved one to help pay the bills but for some, it means freedom from all debt and freedom from having to work for income.
And financial independence means lots of things to lots of women especially as women marry later and later having lived on their own in the meantime many are independent when they walk down the aisle, and see no reason to change things. The next generation seems to be making similar plans. The desire to "make it on my own" before getting married is increasingly important to twenty something women. Of course, as the divorce rate still hovers around 50 percent, they may also want to make sure that, if necessary, they could "make it" after marriage as well.
Freedom from financial reliance on loved ones, for many people financial independence is they strive to be their own person, independent of the people around them, capable of standing on their own two feet. Many young people earn in their late teens to mid twenties, as they get through college, earn a degree, find a job, and separate themselves from their parents is freedom for them. Freedom from financial reliance on creditors, this freedom occurs when you are completely free of debt. No mortgage, no student loans, no car payments, no anything, aside from taxes, you're free to do what you want with all of your income. This is often used as the definition of financial independence by writers advocating a strong anti-debt position.
You can get rid of all credit-card debt and consumer loans. As a foundation for financial independence, buy a house and pay off the mortgage as fast as possible. A couple of decade's mortgage is fine if you use the prepayment and accelerated-payment options to extinguish within 10-15 years. A good goal to start with is roughly the amount that you would like to retire on each month, and to increase the amount that you save by 5% each year.
Financial independence can be defined as "having an income sufficient for your basic needs and comforts from [sources] other than paid employment". Passive income is money that you earn without having to work for it. When you earn interest on a savings account, you are earning money passively; it accrues whether you're working or not.
Most people think of retirement as something that will occur far in the future, something that requires lots of work and lots of investing, it is a loaded concept. Most books that focus on financial independence ask you to change your way of thinking. They don't talk about early retirement; they talk about financial independence because it forces the reader to approach the subject from a new direction. A good goal to start with is roughly the amount that you would like to retire on each month, and to increase the amount that you save by 5% each year.

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