What You Must Know About Alfredo Sauce

By: Ferdinand Okeke

The secrets of good Aflfredo sauce is a mixture of ingredients and technique. Unlike many Italian dishes, Alfredo sauce is very rich, with the base ingredient being cream. This makes this dish an excellent alternative to the standard red sauces and meats normally associated with Italian meals.
When you go to make your Alfredo sauce, you should make certain you have all of your ingredients prepared in advance. The process of preparing the spice goes by very cursorily, so you will want to make sure you have all nearby in order to avoid the risk of scorching your cream while cooking. As scorching the cream is the most common cause of bungling Alfred dish, this easy preparation can preempt disaster.
The general ingredients of standard Alfredo sauce are stated below:
Heavy Cream White Salt Pepper Parsley Parmesan Cheese Butter
Cooking times and amounts may vary from recipe to recipe. Besides, ingredients may be altered depending on whether or not there are attempts at making the Alfredo more healthy. Since Alfredo is so heavy on cream, butter and cheese, it is often considered as a treat or ignored on many diets.
Once your ingredients is prepared, there are several things that you can do to prevent ruining your dish.
1: Get your Pan Ready
Scorching Alfredo is only the first of the risks. By properly preparing your pan by preheating and cooling the pan a little bit with water, you can prevent the cream from scorching. As soon as the cream is poured into the pan, it should be done off of the heat, returning the cream after it must have been warmed in the pan.
2: Remember to stir frequently
The reduction of cream by half requires patience and committment. Alfredo is not a sauce that you can leave alone for long. Only make your Alfredo sauce when you can dedicate your time to it. This will prevent your cream from burning.
3: Do not add cheese when sauce is on the burner
A mistake people make is the addition of butter and cheese to the sauce while it is still on the burner. Do not make this error unless the recipe says otherwise. The most common recipes do not add cheese or butter while the cream is on the heat, because this can cause the cheese to stick to the pan or the butter to cause the cream to separate. While mainly affecting aesthetics and lengthening cleanup time, it can also affect the flavor of the dish.
4: Have your pasta pot prepared in advance
It is best to eat Alfredo as soon as it is prepared. Before you start cooking, prepare your water for pasta , and the amount of pasta you want cooked put to the side. Begin boiling the water part way through the sauce making process so that your Alfredo sauce and pasta finish at the same time.
5: Add toppings
Alfredo sauce is flexible. Excellent with meats and seafoods, as well as with vegetables, you can easily turn Alfredo into a one course meal. Prepare any toppings in advance, and warm them on a grill prior to serving. In the case of zucchini and other vegetations that do not sit well, put them on the grill or in the frying pan just as the sauce is nearing completion.

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