What You Learn From Credit Card Bin #

By: Gen Wright

Even though processing payments through credit card transactions doesn't have a longer history, the extent of using the credit cards has increased drastically in the recent years. The reason is nothing but the comfort and flexibility provided by the internet era. Since it is not possible to get things and services using the online shopping, the need of using credit cards has increased. Subsequently, there is also increase in fake credit card transactions and credit card frauds. Ecommerce websites and merchants have started using the credit card bin checker as a protective tool to check for the credit card bin number, the first six digits of the credit card and proceed with credit card bin validation and thereby confirming or rejecting the transaction. The necessity of using the credit card bin software is realized by all merchants; majority of them have started using the credit card bin verifier program. However, it makes no sense merely using the credit card bin checker software or credit card bin lookup service. It is the moral responsibility of every individual, not only of the merchants to learn about the credit card bin # in detail.

It is just known to everyone that credit card bin # consists of the first six digits of card and is called as bank identification number. The credit card bin number is not just a six digit number checked by the credit card bin finder to authenticate the payment or reject the same. Each number in the credit card bin number list represents certain aspect.

The first six digits of the credit card bin number refer the brand and bin of the card and the remaining digits represent the information about the card holder or account holder.
4 represents - Visa Brand
51 to 55 represents - Master card brand
34 & 37 represents - American Express
35, 36 & 38 represents - Discover

From the bin number of a credit card, for instance, 412318, the following information can be learned.

1. Brand of the card
2. Name of the Issuing bank or credit card institution. For instance, Standard Chartered Bank or Royal Bank of Scotland
3. Type of card - Credit card or prepaid credit card or debit card
4. Category / Classification of the card - Classic card, premium card, gold card, silver card, etc. This category is decided by the bank issuing the card based on the credit history and financial capacity of the card holder
5. Official name of the country issuing the Card, called as ISO name. For instance, United Kingdom.
6. ISO A2 code of the issuing country, which is nothing but a short form of the country name. US or UK
7. ISO A3 code of the country of the issuing bank. This is an additional code offered to enhance the security. However, this category is not applicable to all countries.
8. Every country has its ISO number and the same can be learned from the credit card bin #. USA ISO number is 840.
9. Code number of the bank offering the card
10. Code of the bank branch
11. Bank phone number and website address
12. State and City where the branch located.

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It is important for one to check compatibility of a given bin checker download before downloading it. One can check credit card bin file. This is what you should have for fraud-free online trading. You can go to credit card bin lookup and have a look at their database.

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