What Types of Adhesive Tapes do 3M produce?

By: David Fletcher

When you are looking for a good adhesive tape to use in your home then the ones manufactured by 3M are worth considering above all others. Today there are many different types of 3M tape products that you can choose from and being so versatile they are available for use in a number of different ways. So being able to find one that is suitable for your particular needs shouldn't be much of a problem.
As we mention above there are numerous types of tapes on offer from 3M and in this article we look at just what some of these are.
Double Sided Tape - The adhesive is on both sides of this tape and allows to items to be bonded together permanently if you so wish. But this tape is also suitable for use to allow you position objects in the best position before they are bonded together permanently.
Structural Bonding Tapes - This tape is made up of 3M's VHB tape to which has been applied a coat of liquid epoxy adhesive. Before heat using a hot bar is applied to the tape the adhesive is very tacky so getting it in the right position is easy. But once heat has applied it strengthens the adhesive and so strengthens the bond between the two objects. However, the tape used is very flexible so placing it around awkward shaped objects won't be a problem.
Double Coated Foam Tape - Mostly this tape is used to seal or cushion objects to stop them being damaged if there is large amounts of vibration or impact happening to them. But this material can also withstand a wide range of temperatures and so is particular effective for protecting pipes. You have a choice of adhesives on this tape such as rubber or acrylic and also it comes with a number of different foam carries such as acrylic, vinyl, urethane and polyethylene.
Surface Protection Tape - This tape is generally used to help improve the appearance and the way an object functions by protecting, modifying, masking or enhancing the objects surface. The tape comes in a number of different widths but each one has the ability to conform well to the surface of the object to which it will be bonding.
Packaging Tapes - For those who want to ensure that any item they send to another destination reaches there in the same condition it left them they should use this tape for securing the item in its packaging. Like all 3M tape products the adhesive properties of this tape are very strong but can easily be removed from the packaging when it reaches its final destination.
Every one of the 3M tape products we talk about in this article are sensitive to pressure and this means that you can move items around easily before needing to fix them in a permanent position. For more than 50 years now 3M have been creating these types of tapes and have the experience and knowledge to know what works most effectively. Along with many of these products being used in industrial settings they are just as suitable for use in the home as well.

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