What To Know About The Fear Of Rabies

By: Trevor Johnson

For those who have heard of rabies -- which is known clinically as hydrophobia -- the fear of rabies is very real to them. This is probably because the ways and means by which rabies afflicts those who suffer from it are truly horrible. Rabies as a virus can instill a phobia about contracting it (which is known as hydrophobophobia) that can almost paralyze some sufferers with fear.
As one of a universe of phobias that have been identified by mental health professionals, the fear of being struck by the rabies virus is very real and afflicts those who suffer from this phobia with stark terror in some cases. This is due, in part, to how rabies has grabbed a hold of the popular and cultural consciousness and how truly horrible its outcome always is.
One reason people become so fearful of possibly contracting the rabies virus is that it has been nearly 100% mortality rate, meaning that those who actually contract the disease will almost certainly die. Even though there is a 100%-effective anti-rabies medication, people still can't get the stories of foaming-at-the-mouth vicious dogs and animals out of their minds.
It doesn't really help that there have been a number of movies over the years that have taken advantage of the rabies theme, particularly one that was released in the early 1980s that featured a large St. Bernard who eventually developed rabies and became, basically, a killing machine. In people, the fear of contracting rabies, then, can become almost visceral in its intensity.
There are therapies that exist to help people deal with this fear of contracting is viral disease, though. In some instances, clinical treatment could take years though there have been recent advances in therapies that make it possible for people to work through their phobia in a much more efficient and helpful manner. This has been a great development for those who suffer from this phobia.
The actual fear of rabies in the clinical sense, which is known as hydrophobophobia, is very real to many people, though the odds of someone contracting rabies from a bat bite or some other animal bite are very small. What's for certain, though, is that this phobia is treatable and doesn't have to be the nearly-debilitating condition that exists in many who suffer from it.

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