What To Expect When Going For Your First Bikini Wax

By: Paul John

Going for a bikini wax for the first time can be a daunting experience. There may be all sorts of questions running through your head, such as what should I wear? Does it hurt? And how long does it take? This article will answer the most commonly asked questions and prepare you for your first ever bikini wax. If you need any more information why not call your local salon, where they will normally be happy to help you.

Most people want to know what to wear during the bikini wax. This depends entirely on the type of wax you are having. Most salons offer four main types of bikini wax: the classic bikini line wax, the itsy bitsy bikini wax, the quickzilian and the pre natal Brazilian bikini wax. The classic bikini line wax just removes the hair outside of your panty line, so you can keep some disposable underwear on if this feels more comfortable for you. The itsy bitsy bikini wax removes hair several inches into the bikini line, while the quickzilian removes all the hair in the bikini and ‘tush' areas - you may find that the names vary depending on where you go. Both these types of wax will require you to be completely bare ‘down there', but this is nothing to be worried about, the people who work at these places are trained experts and used to working this way on a daily basis. It's nothing they haven't seen before, so don't feel embarrassed! The pre natal brazilian bikini wax meanwhile is designed for pregnant ladies - the amount of hair you have removed depends entirely on your personal preferences.

Your therapist will then ask you to lay back on the waxing table. The wax has a honey type consistency and it may be slightly warm. It is then carefully applied onto the right areas with a wooden spatula. A small piece of cloth will be applied over the wax and it is then pulled off, leaving a nice smooth area underneath. Most spas also provide the option to wax your tush area. This will require flipping over on all fours so that the therapist can easily wax that region.

You are probably wondering if it hurts. This varies from person to person depending your pain tolerance levels. Some people experience a slight stinging feeling, but each cloth strip is pulled off so fast that the pain will not last for a long time. A lot of people also report that it was not as bad as they expected it to be. Afterwards the area may feel slightly tender, but this will soon pass. If you are sensitive to pain you may want to take a light painkiller before your waxing session to take the edge off of it. Any additional hair may be plucked away with a tweezer to make sure everything is neat and perfect.

The whole experience usually takes between 10 and 40 minutes depending on what type of wax you are getting done and how stubborn you hair is.

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