What To Expect From Your Child's Colic Condition

By: Gen Wright

Becoming a new mom is an exciting and even scary time in the life of one, who has never experienced the joy of motherhood before. All kinds of questions subsist: how will you know what's wrong with your baby? What if you have trouble changing diapers? What will you do for financial relief? How are you going to make ends meet with the growing financial demands? With all that pressure piling up, the sleepless nights that can come with an upset infant or sick baby can all be too much to handle. That's why you should seek wise and healthy solutions at all times. It will help you deal with the stress that comes with a new baby-stresses that can show up in the following forms:

Waking Up Throughout the Night

It can be very difficult for you and your partner to get the help that you need when your child is constantly waking up crying. Babies cannot tell you what is wrong with them, so they have to cry in order to communicate. It's your job as a parent to learn your child and to come to know the most common ailments that trouble him. Most of the time, your child will cry because he is hungry, he needs a diaper change, or he is in some kind of pain. You can rule out hunger when you know that he's just eaten. When he hasn't eaten, refuses to, continues to cry, and has no obvious reason for his behavior, then he may be suffering from colic. This condition is very common in newborns, and it can last for several weeks. It usually goes away on its own, but until then, you've got a lot of long nights ahead. Should you be faced with this condition, you may want to try natural supplements to help your child sleep better.

Fits Throughout the Day for No Reason

If your child is suffering from this condition, then he may not confine his fits to the nighttime. Colic can occur just as easily during the daytime as it can at night, though it is usually noticeable after feedings. Many believe that breastfeeding a child will serve to lessen the intensity of colic or prevent it altogether. One should consider this as she enters into motherhood. But if this is not possible, then you will need to seek healthy alternatives to help your child through the condition.

Don't assume that a child's uncontrollable crying are simply colic. While this may be the case, you will still want a professional opinion to weigh in on the matter. After all, it's your child's life and your own sanity that could be at stake. So colic or no, see your doctor should the condition continue.

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