What To Expect From A Nail Fungus Treatment

By: Rashel Dan

Nail fungus is a common problem. As such, more and more people are looking for a nail fungus treatment. Nail fungus is an infection which is the result of numerous microorganisms that basically feed on the keratin incorporated in the nails. An infected nail is usually noticed by a progressive discoloration of the root nail and later a brownish or yellowish tone. The nails could become very unpleasant in odor and in appearance and could be troublesome to live with.
At its onset, nail fungus infection does not initially cause pain on the individual. However, when left untreated for months, it can develop into a worse degree that makes it painful for the individual to move and walk around. In any case, it is important to know that the problem will not fade away on its own.
Nail fungus treatment will depend on the severity of the infection. For a mild infection, the course of treatment will usually be short. Realistically though, you still need to wait for the new healthy nail to grow after successfully treating the nail fungus. For a quite severe infection, the course of treatment may be longer and may take anywhere between 3 to 6 months. In some cases, treatment will only be successful within one year. Other factors that play a role in the effectiveness of any particular treatment is your age, health conditions, perseverance and consistency in application.
It takes shorter time for fingernails to grow compared with the toenails. Therefore, it can also take lesser time to treat. If you have a fingernail infection, you may have to continue treatment for just 6 weeks. If you are considering taking prescription medication, think twice. Prescription drugs can at times damage the liver and your doctor may need to evaluate if your liver is healthy prior to treatment. You can expect harsher side effects if you have to take oral or prescription medication for your nail fungus. If the infection is severe or keeps coming back, your healthcare provider may suggest eliminating a portion of or all of your nail.
Research has indicated a considerable healing effect of particular natural treatments in the fight against nail fungus. Results highly depend on the suitability of the selected course of treatment and the consistency and carefulness in employing the treatment. The basic types of treatment for nail fungus are essential oils, herbal vitamins, and common kitchen ingredients.
Natural Oils - For decades, essential oils have been proven effective in handling various health conditions. Their antifungal and antiseptic constituents make them ideal in treating fungal infections and other skin conditions. Essential oils that may help clear nail fungus include oregano oil and tea tree oil.
Herbal Vitamins - There are also many herbal vitamins that aim at treating or boosting immunity against fungal infections. These vitamins may consist of tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin A and probiotics. Numerous individuals believe in common kitchen ingredients as effective nail fungus remedies. These may be lemon, raw garlic and natural cider vinegar.
Healthy Hygiene - Regardless of what type of nail fungus treatment you use, it is important to observe good hygiene throughout and even after the course of treatment. Making sure your hands and feet stay clean, for instance, will prevent fungal growth and re-infection.

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