What To Do To Avoid Catching the H1N1 Virus and What The Signs Are If You Are Sick

By: Connor Sullivan

In the Spring of 2009, a new dangerous flu outbreak reared its head in other countries throughout the world. It is called the H1N1 virus or more commonly referred to as the Swine Flu. Because a vaccination has not been developed for this strain of flu, health officials are offering a great deal of advice to people on how to avoid getting this illness. Some of the suggestions given in this article will be proper hand washing methods with Microfiber cleaning cloth and hand dryers in public rest rooms, anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, items to be careful about touching such as door handles, phones, and toilet paper dispensers, and what symptoms to look for if you feel sick and what to do if you do feel ill.
Numerous deaths have occurred in every single state in America so it is something that almost everyone is worried about getting . There has been extensive discussions on the importance of hand washing and how that one thing may stop the passing around of this flu virus . You should aggressively wash your hands using an anti-bacterial soap for at least as long as it takes to sing through one Happy birthday song. When leaving a public bathroom make certain to use your foot or have a paper towel to open the door to avoid getting the germs on the door handle.
Because you don't always have access to a sink with soap and warm water, everyone should keep some anti-bacterial hand sanitizer on them always and to use it often . Hand sanitizer can come in different forms whether it is a gel, foam or on disposable wipes. Whatever kind you like the best is the type you should purchase . Always wash your hands or use a sanitizer before you eat and teach your children to do the same . Many schools have been very good about teaching children all of these safety measures .
Another way to prevent catching the swine flu is to not share anything with any person . This is especially true with beverages like soda cans or water bottles. Also, do not borrow other peoples cell phone as it is full of germs and be sure to use a disinfectant wipe or something similar to that to clean your own phone off everyday . Also, do not share things like a pencil in a public setting and a lot of various dirty hands have touched that one pen or pencil .
Some of the symptoms of the swine flu include a fever and things like a headache, sore throat and body aches have all been common as well as a cough. If you feel any of these symptoms go to your doctor to get checked and then try to self quarantine yourself so the rest of the family does not catch it if it turns out to be the H1N1 virus . Do not return to work or school until your fever has broken for over 24 hours.

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