What To Do If You Got A Bad Nose Job

By: John Harbaugh

Millions of people opt for rhinoplasty surgery each year to correct issues with their noses. These issues could be aesthetic, such as narrowing the nose or reshaping the tip. They also could be functional, such as fixing a deviated septum. Rhinoplasty is invasive and expensive and is the msot common of facial plastic surgeries. Even with the large number of rhinoplasty surgeries perfomed each year and the subsequent improvements in techniques, there are still some times when the procedure does not give you the results you are looking for. It is at this point that a revision rhinoplasty should be considered.
To receive the best results from any surgery, research must be performed. This true whether it is the first rhinoplasty surgery or the second. There are several research steps that must be followed to help ensure your rhinoplasty is a huge success. The first step is to find a cosmetic surgeon who is well respected in his field and has an impressive history of successful surgeries. The second step is to research the surgeons' credentials, board affiliations and their education. If you can get ahold of them, references are also best. These references can be from former patients or from colleagues. Remember, you are hiring the surgeon, so look into them as much as a potential employer would look into you. If you rush through this part of the decision process, you will most likely end up disappointed.
Once a patient has settled on a surgeon, patients will want to discuss with the surgeon their expectations for the success of thr surgery. What the surgeon will explain to the patient is what can be expected, in terms of final results, given the physical characteristics of the patient's nose. The patient will obviously want to explain what they are looking for as well. During these discussions the surgeon and patient will need to come together and agree on what a successful surgery will look like. This is important as patients who are prepared for the expected results are more than likely to be happy with them after the bandages come off.
A year's wait is the minimum time that you must wait from the previous nose job before having another one performed. It takes at least twelve months for the nose to set and show the final results from the first rhinoplasty. Once the nose has finished settling into its final position, the results can be measured and the gameplan for the new surgery can be mapped out. This may seem an inordinate amount of time for you to wait with a nose you are not happy with, but it is for the best given the fact that if you rush into a new surgery before the nose has finished setting, your new surgery's results will be less than desirable.
Fixing defects from a nose job can be fixed with revision rhinoplasty surgery. In order to achieve results that patients are happy with, they will need to do research and be patient during the wait time from the first surgery.

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