What To Do About Back Pain?

By: Vikram Kuamr

What should you do about back pain? If you are experiencing this sort of pain, either in the upper or lower back, one way to help yourself is to seek out Albuquerque chiropractic medicine. A chiropractor is a doctor of this type of medicine that combines techniques to help you get pain relief and even get free from pain. They generally work with those who have chronic pain due to an illness or injury.

You basically have three choices when you are experiencing back pain for some time. Acute pain is usually something that comes on suddenly and then goes away. This can come from being hit in the back with something but will go away. Often, when there is a back injury of any kind, there will be chronic pain. Those who have been in accidents or have been injured to the back in some way often will experience continued chronic pain because their spine may be misaligned due to this trauma. They have a choice of going to their doctor to get pills for the pain, a surgeon to operate on the back or an Albuquerque chiropractic doctor who will use decompression techniques to help them. Of these choices, the third is the one that is the least invasive and the one that actually will provide the most relief, especially for the long term.

Pills for the pain are fine if you have acute pain, but if the pain is ongoing, the pills will not work. The reason why they will not work is because they are addictive. Pain pills are just like taking morphine - you need more and more. As the pain pills that are being prescribed are being found to be one more addictive than the next, it is not a good idea to get hooked on these any more than it would be a good idea to start getting hooked on heroin.
Doctors know about them and are warned not to give people these pills too much because of the addiction. Those who are addicted to these pills will go through the same length as any drug addict does to get their fix. A great deal of people who are in rehab are in there for addictions to prescription drugs. Needless to say, this is not the best option.

Surgery is risky, at best. A back surgeon will usually not recommend any sort of surgery to the back unless there is a dire need. This is because it does not always work and there are a great deal of people who wind up worse off after the surgery. Surgery is always a risk as you need to be put under in order for it to commence. This is not an option for someone who is suffering from chronic back pain but still able to walk. The best bet is the chiropractor. They will work with you to get rid of the pain without any sort of surgical technique and without addictive drugs. Those who want to really get their pain relieved will find great relief when they visit a chiropractor. Those who live in the Albuquerque area can find this when they take a look at their website online.

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If you have Back pain , seek out a doctor of chiropractic medicine who can really help you without drugs or surgery. To find out more about an Albuquerque chiropractic doctor, go to TR Family Chiro.

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