What Should Your Omega3 Dosage Be?

By: Terry Johnston

There are so many supplements on the market these days, people get confused and sometimes feel overwhelmed. The products they are looking for is something to target their specific needs. This often ends in the purchase of the wrong product which can lead to serious complications.
The great thing about an Omega3 dosage of fish oil, is that even though it is all-in-one supplement. It does target specific health issues and is just as effective as single purpose supplement, by dealing with all health concerns.
7 main health issues have been shown to respond to this type of fish oil, including:
the immune system
There are several kinds of fish oil on the market, some very good, some flat-out bad. You want to avoid those. Many fish oils claim they are good for you because they have the required omega3 dosage, but shoddy collection and purification methods allow contaminants like PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and Mercury to remain in the fish oil.
You will not know what type of harm unsafe supplements can do to your body over the long term. Excessive intake of toxins in your supplements and medications will harm your body. You want, you need, YOU DESERVE safe healthy supplements.
Here a few simple rules you should follow when you are looking for the Omega3 Dosage that will work for you. They include:
make sure your fish oil is free of any contaminants
To avoid the danger of oxidation (going rancid)-look for Fish Oil processed close to where the fish was harvested
DHA Content " make sure it is high in DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) the most precious component of Omega 3 fish oil
Anti-Inflammatory " this is what makes it provide you so many wonderful health benefits
Bio-Availability " make sure the fish oil is natural
When it comes to buying fish oil. What is most important? Cost or Price? Same thing you say!
UH-UH Are you a price buyer? Do you only look at the price tag on something when you buy? Of course NOT! Cheaper fish oils are all over the market, some not so fresh and some not so pure, but boy they are cheaper. When you buy make sure the cost of the proper Omega 3 Dosage is right for you.
Reading a label on a bottle of fish oil can be an exercise in frustration. It can say what the quantities of each ingredient is inside each capsule are. This might seem to indicate the omega3 dosage in each one, but in reality many times it is only telling you how much fish oil there is not the omega3 content. Many times you need to take 8 capsules of one brand to get the correct omega 3 dosage that 2 capsules of another brand would give you.
Labels on products can be so manipulated as to generate close to complete false information. Many times the label tells you the amount of fish oil in the capsule, but not the correct Omega3 dosage.
All you may ever need for good health, may be the correct omega3 dosage.

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About the author: Terry Johnston - a professional researcher who searches the net for quality products that will aid folks with health issues. Before you purchase any supplement, make sure you check out Terry's Web Site Omega 3 Supplements

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