What Should You Do after Teeth Whitening Treatment?

By: Velma Cleghorn

Finally, you will be able to show everyone your best smile with your pearly white teeth with the assistance of your dentist in Austin TX. However, you have a lot of things to do following the teeth whitening treatment or else, the money you spent for it is definitely wasted. Continue your read.

1. Your teeth are prone to stains because your dentist used whitening gel that eventually opened the pores in the tooth enamel. As a result, itís all water for the first 60 minutes after the treatment. Never try to eat, drink and even smoke or else, the method will cause poor outcome. After one hour, you may begin consuming foods and drinks but make sure that they are not those that blotch teeth. Hence, keep away from coffee, dark green vegetables, tea, red sauces and others for no less than two days (yes, the more you can wait, the better). Likewise, try to keep from eating acidic foods and drinks for three to six days to prevent intense sensitivity.

2. Never brush your teeth following the teeth whitening treatment. You will have to wait for half an hour before you do. Because of this, you will have to content yourself with mouthwash. Make it a point, however, that it is not colored and does not contain acid or else, you will bring harm to your teeth.

3. You may be accustomed to wearing and retouching your lips with lipstick or lip gloss once in a while, but you will have to pass up doing this after the dental procedure in order not to cause discoloration on your newly whitened teeth.

4. If you have at-home whitening supplies and you still want to use it even after going through teeth whitening, you will need to delay it for a month. However, you have to be cautious or you may over-whiten your teeth. They will not look natural; people may even pick on you about this.

5. Think about using teeth whitening toothpaste for better and longer-lasting results. Ask your dentist in Austin TX about this. He may reference a certain brand for you.

6. Brush and floss your teeth regularly to take care of the health and whiteness of your teeth.

7. For the outcome to last for a longer period of time, you may consider using straw when drinking beverages with colors, such as iced tea and soda. It will guard your teeth from possible discoloration again.

8. Stop smoking; it will only lead to stains on your teeth again. It will also give you greater risk to several medical ailments.

Undergoing teeth whitening treatment is not the end of your ultimate goal to have whiter and delightful teeth. Truth is that it is the beginning of your journey toward a better oral health. You will have to be more sensible in caring for your teeth. Brush and floss your teeth, and rinse your mouth regularly so as not to waste the amount of money you spent. Similarly, see your dentist in Austin TX frequently.

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