What Should You Do If You Have Chipped Teeth?

By: Timothy Lexington

Chipped teeth are not only excruciating because of the mortification of having them but it can also hurt because it can bring about other teeth imperfections. A flaw in the tooth can not just simply damage it aesthetically but can bring other serious conditions as well. It is not too late to mend the chip by seeing a dentist as soon as possible. But before that, how do we get chipped teeth anyway?
This teeth detect is not as rare as you think. The teeth may get chipped if an external force comes in contact with the oral cavities. Those who suffer from tooth decay are also susceptible to this infection. The brittleness that is cause by the rotting can extend beyond chipping. People who have the habit of tooth grinding may find themselves with chipped teeth over time because it can wreak havoc to the enamel. There are also some individuals who are more prone to this defect.
The instant you will have chipped teeth, do not forget to maintain your composure. Gather the chips if you can and placed it into a solution that can preserve it like milk. If it is not an option then you can just soak them in saline water. After you have done these things, go and have it checked by a dentist. This would stop your damaged teeth from getting other defects as well as gain the opportunity of having the fragments bonded to the teeth in question. Once you get there, the dentist will check how the fragmentation have affected the whole set of your teeth.
There are numerous solutions to chipped teeth and some of these solutions are not just cheap but they can also be done instantly. Take veneers and tooth reshaping for example. You can finish having your veneers done in two sessions while the reshaping can be done the moment you walk into the clinic. The dentists can also used crowns to cover the damage or bond the fragments you have set aside early on. These are just four of the many solutions that can be use to handle the problem and they are also the most popular because they tend to look normal.
People who are suffering from chipped teeth get scared of going to the dentist that is why they try to ignore it. It is not something they should fret about because it can not only restore their happy disposition but also save them from any pain in the future. A doctor's appointment is vital because it will help prevent your normal teeth from getting damaged also.
The most viable way to stop the damage in the first place is by taking care of your teeth. Consuming healthy food especially the ones that are sources of calcium is also recommended. This may not prevent damage but it is a big help because these practices will strengthen the teeth.

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