What Perleche Is, And How To Treat It

By: Bart Icles

Perleche is a term used to describe the superficial fissures that appear at the corners or angles of the mouth. Lesions may result from many different reasons, but most cases often stem from deep labial cracks from excessive saliva buildup, over licking of the lips, unhealthy practices and conditions, presence of bacteria, fungi or yeast. It is also associated with deficiency of the vitamins B, folic acid, and iron.
Perleche is also called Angular Cheilitis, Cheilosis, and Stomatitis. The condition most often occurs with the elderly, and caused by parasitic fungi or a lack of the vitamin B rather than from age; Perleche appears as cracks on the lips that quickly become ulcerated and form crusts if not treated promptly. The elderly have reduced mobility and jaw muscle strength, and use dentures that may be ill-fitting or contaminated with bacteria.
Some symptoms and problems associated with Perleche to watch out for are:
* A case of Perleche often starts when clear and visible cracks or slits appear on the folds of the lips without signs of internal manifestations of any other infection. * There is difficulty in opening the mouth while talking or eating. * The cuts get wider and deeper and bleed when disturbed by movement. * The deep cracks turn into crusts with the presence of pus and coagulated blood. * The lips become highly irritated in an advanced condition which by then may spread internally, thus endangering the individuals over all health.
Doctors, physicians and other experts in the medical field have established some real and definite root causes of the condition, which are:
* The pooling of saliva on the lips' corners where the propagation of yeast occurs causing lesions on the lips to appear. * Nutritional problems, specifically to that of vitamin B group, iron, and folic acid. * The condition may be more prevalent with patients suffering from major diseases such as Plummer-Vision Syndrome. * People living in cold climates, and constantly exposed to the cold environment for long periods of time.
Advance conditions often involves the application of anti fungal and anti bacterial ointments or creams with steroids, or homemade remedies. The course of treatment is dependent on the condition itself and the extent of its location. At the onset of the condition where the lips are still mildly dry or cracked, Vaseline or other medicated lip balms or gels can be applied.
Prompt and proper treatment and correct diagnosis is the key to eradicating a mild or chronic case of Perleche. Chronic infections and any other external causes that contribute to more symptoms and infections from appearing must be determined correctly to ensure the proper course of action to be implemented that is most beneficial and effective for the patient.

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