What One Should Know About Anxiety Disorder Treatments

By: Kerris Samson

There are various different types of anxiety disorder treatments that one can use today. Often the most common kind of treatment that a doctor will use is medication. Yet if one wants, one can consider using natural remedies instead. A doctor who prescribes a patient with medication in order to treat any form of anxiety disorder will normally arrange for their patient to undergo some form of therapy also.
The most common forms of therapy used to treat anxiety are psychodynamic or cognitive behavorial therapy. However as mentioned there are natural remedies also available and some people finding using herbal supplements along with massage therapy effective.
But for doctor's the first choice for helping to treat anxiety disorders is through prescribed medication. It is because these often provide a much faster result whilst providing the person a chance to explore other options once their disorder has become more stabilized. The most commonly prescribed medication that a doctor will give a person are anti-depressants such as Zoloft or Paxil. Sometimes they may even prescribe a mild tranquilizer as this can help the patient to relax more especially when attack occurs.
Once the doctor has been able to prescribe the right dosage of medication then will then choose to start them on a course of therapy. One of the most favoured types of therapy being used to treat anxiety disorders is known as behavioural therapy. Through a course of sessions with a qualified therapist, a person learns certain techniques including breathing which can help them to face those situations, which cause their anxiety levels to rise. However, this particular form of therapy is only effective if the person learning to use it works at learning the techniques correctly.
The other form of this type of therapy which works in more depth to treat the disorder is known as cognitive behavorial therapy. Through this a person is able to recognize those patterns which cause their anxiety to occur and then works on ways that they can then change the situation. In other words, what the person is learning to do is how to react in a different way to those situations which would normally cause their anxiety or stress levels to rise.
Where as psychodynamic therapy is a form of treatment that will be used to help to find out if there may be some other underlying cause for the person's problems. It is only one these causes are found can then they be resolved and which will in turn to help alleviate the problems associated with their anxiety.
As we have mentioned previously there are plenty of natural remedies that can be used in treating any kind of anxiety disorders. But these are still not considered by many doctors to be a mainstream way of treating such disorders. Certainly extracts of passion flower and Valerian root along with Kava Kava have proved to be effective for some people, but often they have again used them in conjuction with other some form of therapy. Many people are turning to using natural remedies simply because they find that there is much less chance of them suffering from side effects when taking them plus they often pretty easy to get hold of. However, if you are considering using extract of passion flower you should be aware that it does cause some health problems for some people. Some people notice after taking this particular extract they feel nauseous and in some they find that their heart rate becomes faster.
Certainly, for those people who do suffer with any kind of anxiety disorder if its not controlled correctly it can be a very crippling condition. Yet as mentioned, there are plenty of different types of anxiety disorder treatments now available, so there is likely to be one or two that can help a person alleviate the problems that they are suffering from. But if they are choosing to use natural remedies then they need to discuss the matter with their doctor first in case they have an adverse effect on their current course of treatment.

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