What Omega 3 Fish Oil Daily Dosage Is Ideal?

By: Michael Byrd..

The omega 3 fish oil daily dosage that you need largely depends on you.
Your current state of health, the level of well-being that you want in the future and what you eat dictates the required amount of omega 3 fish oil that you need.
So enough with those health guidelines that are set up by those mighty guardians of the "daily allowance" and on to what is sensible and realistic.
We'll be able to discern the omega 3 fish oil daily dosage that's appropriate for you as soon as we get to know your lifestyle. Now let's take a look at basic nutrition 101.
What you put into your body usually determines your health in the future.
Individuals just don't wake up one morning with illnesses like cancer, diabetes heart disease among others. They come as a result of the choices that we made over time.
So get your pen and paper out and write down all the health descriptions you would like to have when you reach the ages of 80, 90 or 100 years old. These may include terms like healthy bones, strong, energetic, pain-free, great memory and sexually active.
If your list of words is lower than optimum health and you don't care to stay fit then you only have yourself to blame if you wake up in the morning with a degenerative disease.
On the other hand, if you wish to have optimum health then you need to check on what you are eating now and you have to know if these foods, white bread, sodas, desserts and snacks will help you achieve your health goals in the future.
If they don't, then now is the time that you need to make some changes.
This is why I told you that omega 3 fish oil daily dosage depends largely on you. If you aim and decide to live a healthy life and make a positive commitment in achieving that goal then you will start eating only what is needed by your body.
Since there is confusion as to how much omega 3 is needed by our body then here are some helpful tip that you'll be able to follow as long as you are committed to your future health.
Studies show that those who eat less than 3 servings of fish a week are able to prevent or reduce nasty diseases by a small percentage; whereas those who eat 3 or more servings of fish weekly are able to do even better.
Take note however that in order to reduce health risks you need 5 or more servings of omega 3 fish oil daily dosage every week taken from oily fish.
Further studies on ADHD, depression, heart disease, cancer and other illnesses specify that the needed daily amount of omega 3 fatty acids from fish is between 1g and 3 g.
So make that decision now.
If you chose adequate health and not optimum then be sure you are eating about 1 to 5 servings of fish every week.
But, if you want to have optimum health, to look great, feel best and stay fit then you need to eat lots of fish and supplement this diet with pure, high quality omega 3 fish oil in capsules of 1g to 3g.

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