What Natural Treatments Will Work For Cardiovascular Disease?

By: Lee Jacobs

Cardiovascular disease affects all parts of the cardio system, including the blood vessels and heart. You're more likely to get it if you live a risky lifestyle or you have a genetic tendency toward heart problems. The good news is that by changing your lifestyle, you can reduce your chances of having cardiovascular disease related symptoms, and even reverse some of the damage, even if you already have this disease.
Some of the most common and severe symptoms of cardiovascular disease include numbness and tingling on one side of the body, balance and walking difficulties, shortness of breath, sore arms, problems seeing, headaches with no known cause, dizziness, fainting, and chest pain. Diet and exercise are the components of our lives most likely to affect whether or not we get this disease. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep from getting it.
In addition, oxidative stress and the presence of free radicals have been shown to affect the development of cardiovascular disease symptoms and the speed at which they grow worse. One way to lower the number of free radicals present in your body would be cutting down on the quantity of processed foods consumed. Eliminating them completely would be best, of course. Remember to avoid steroid and hormone-containing meats as well.
A diet that is rich in antioxidants can help ease the symptoms of and potentially reverse cardiovascular disease altogether. Foods to consume that can cleanse your body and begin the inner repair process include raw carrots, apples, berries, grapefruit, oranges, broccoli, red bell peppers, squash, tomatoes, dark chocolate (in moderation), grapes, peaches, plums, and brussel sprouts, just to name a few.
You'll want to make sure you avoid very salty foods, which can contribute to hypertension. Combined with cardiovascular disease, hypertension can be a real problem, increasing the chances of getting a heart attack. Don't eat too many foods with a lot of sugar in them, either. They have a number of bad effects on your health, too.
Exercise is probably one of the best treatments out there. Doing any type of aerobic exercise could cut down your blood pressure if you're someone who has cardiovascular disease. Remember that exercise is most effective if you do it daily or every other day, and if you engage in it for a half hour or more. You'll find that you're having less trouble breathing, that you're a lot stronger, and that you feel a lot better overall.
Another natural treatment for cardiovascular disease that has been proven to work is the consumption of garlic. Garlic helps to lower cholesterol levels, platelet adhesion, and atherosclerosis. Consumption of hawthorn berries have been known to strengthen contractions of the heart muscle and produce more effective coronary artery blood flow. You might also want to consider taking a daily Vitamin B Complex supplement in order to increase energy metabolism, and a CoQ10 supplement to help lower blood pressure as well as support the overall health of the heart.
There are lots of natural treatments out there that could help you in dealing with cardiovascular disease. Prescription medications can be helpful, but they shouldn't be your first choice, since they come with a variety of side effects and problems. Talk to your doctor about natural ways to help with your cardiovascular disease and make sure you get in the best condition possible.

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This article is written by Lee Jacobs who is an Acupuncturist, and has been in the field of health for 13 years. He is interested in illuminating individuals and helping others return to a better quality of health. If you would like to learn more about the Miracle Mineral Supplement, or about effective cardiovascular treatment, feel free to follow the links.

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